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Lili Reinhart’s Heartbreaking Struggle with Acne and its Effect on Her Mental Health

Even in the midst of the current body positivity movement that is sweeping the entertainment industry, issues with body image still exist among celebrities. Many female superstars have opened up about the pressure of being a woman in the industry and how it can impact their mental health.

Living in the public eye and constantly being exposed to scrutiny and criticism, we can’t really blame these stars for feeling the way they do, after all, they are just humans.

No matter how hard they try, there’s no running away from it since being in the spotlight is literally their job – and they have fans and critics all around the globe who have varying opinions on their appearance.

Body Dysmorphia

Lili Reinhart is among those celebrities who have never kept their struggles with body image a secret. For her, it is less about her physique, and more about her face.

The Riverdale actress has fought long and hard with cystic acne, and the war has resulted in body dysmorphia.

Lili Reinhart is among those celebrities who have never kept it a secret that they struggle with their body image

For most people, this condition is almost always about weight, but professionals now say that it is very much the same case in people with certain skin conditions.

Reinhart has always used social media as her public awareness tool, sharing her journey with the world, highlighting both the highs and the lows of her life.

Last year, she took things a notch higher by speaking about her skin issue in an interview.

Speaking to Glamour for their October magazine issue, the actress admitted that her acne is a constant thorn in her side. She even thinks that she is eerily obsessed with it. Whenever she breaks out, it’s usually all that’s on her mind.

The gorgeous actress recently revealed her struggles with acne on Instagram

When she revealed her troubles on Instagram, Reinhart said that Lorde hit her up via the DM, informing her that she was also going through the same struggle. As the actress put it, it was comforting to know that she wasn’t alone in the fight.

In her interview, Reinhart actually confessed that the previous night had been a tough one to get through – she had even reached the point of a mental breakdown. The actress revealed that while on a video call with her mom, she couldn’t stop the tears from flowing because she felt ugly.

Negative Thoughts

As per the ADAA, people battling body dysmorphia have little to no control of the negative thoughts about their perceived flaws, and they can spend hours on end thinking about them. It is some sort of mental prison that they can’t break out of on their own.

The ADAA also clarifies that the condition isn’t always about weight, citing acne and other skin-associated conditions as an increasing new cause of body dysmorphia.

Those with the dysmorphic disorder tend to seek temporary relief by engaging in repetitive and sometimes compulsive behavior with the goal of either hiding or improving their “flaws”. For those with acne, their whole skin feels like a flaw.

She admits that sometimes staying in character helps

Despite the challenges Reinhart has to overcome in living with a dysmorphic disorder, she has taken a huge step in speaking out about it, among other mental health issues such as depression.

When you’re not comfortable about how you see yourself, you most certainly will question how others look at you, right? You may even “see” them looking at you funny.

But it’s almost always all in your head. And this is how depression comes about. As for Reinhart, taking steps in the right direction are helping her overcome her struggles.

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