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You Are Not Alone: Male Celebrities Open Up About Mental Health Problems

The tides have turned, and no longer is it fashionable for the men of Hollywood to promote toxic masculinity among the masses. Finally, it seems like the time has come that famous Hollywood male celebrities have started to embrace their softer side, breaking away from that male bravado which can still be seen to dominate a lot of Hollywood films, magazine covers, and TV shows, and talking more openly about their own mental health.

While some of them may have started talking about their mental health because it has become the trend in Hollywood, the authenticity of their statements is irrelevant. What matters is that their statements have delivered a much-needed breather to the mental health debate, and opened avenues whereby men who are experiencing mental health issues might now feel more comfortable in opening up and discussing their issues, with family, friends, or a trained professional.

Here are just some of the celebrities who have openly discussed their own mental health issues. For sure, their openness is helping minimize the stigma that surrounds mental health even in this day and age.

Ryan Reynolds

Considering the kind of comical characters which Ryan Reynolds often portrays, such as Deadpool, and the fact that he is happily married to one of the most beautiful actresses of our time, Blake Lively, it’s hard to imagine that Reynolds would be suffering from any mental health issue.

However, in a statement he gave to the New York Times, Reynolds revealed that he has always suffered from anxiety both in its softer and harder forms. Although we don’t know what he does to cope with it, we certainly wish him all the best.

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Ryan Reynolds has been entertaining us with amazing characters for many decades, including the world-famous anti-hero Deadpool

Dwayne Johnson

We have been following Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, ever since his wrestling days. He is now a well-acclaimed actor as well, and his exterior is rigid enough to give off the impression that he is the toughest person on the planet.

While on the outset this may be true, when it comes to mental health, Johnson has shown that he is just as vulnerable as the rest of us. According to him, depression is a mental health problem that does not pick and choose its victims, and the best way to deal with it is to talk about it as openly as possible rather than keeping it all in.

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No matter which career path he chooses, Dwayne The Rock Johnson seems to achieve success in it with effortless ease

Brandon Marshall

When it comes to athletes, we don’t expect them to be dealing with mental health issues. But that is because we incorrectly correlate mental health with physical health. Brandon Marshall, the famous NFL player, was among the first male celebrities to openly discuss his own suffering from a mental health issue.

This happened back in 2011 when Marshall revealed that he was suffering from a borderline personality disorder, and according to him, a prime reason why he revealed it is that he hoped it would help others in managing the condition.

Kevin Love

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been blessed with the talent of Kevin Love, who also took the team to an NBA championship back in 2016. However, Love became vocal about mental health back in March of 2018, stating that he wanted to change how he approached the mental health topic.

According to Love, all of us are carrying around emotional baggage, and if we keep it all bottled up inside of us, it is bound to hurt. Hence, it is imperative that we talk about the issues which plague our mind, not only to improve our own mental health but also help others who are suffering the same.

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You don’t expect a basketball professional player to be in touch with his soft side, but Kevin Love has truly impressed us with both his skill in the game and also his grip on the topic of mental health

Patton Oswalt

The King and Queens star, Patton Oswalt, does not hold back when it comes to talking about mental health. He lost his wife rather unexpectedly back in 2016, an event which obviously took a huge toll on his mental well-being.

However, as per his Facebook post which received hundreds of thousands of reactions, Oswalt moved on by investing his time in the activities which he had always loved doing, such as acting and writing, and also working with his friends on different projects.

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