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Pink Almost Lost Her Life to Mental Health Struggles, But Here’s How She Overcame Them

When has Pink ever been afraid of speaking her mind? She’s such a staunch believer of opening up, and she is ever encouraging everyone else to follow in her footsteps.

The singer is particularly interested in people speaking up about mental health and issues related to it, including anxiety, depression, and suicide.

Recently, she opened up about her own experience with mental health issues in an interview with Carson Daly on Today. As she told her host, Pink is glad that the taboo surrounding mental health is slowly but surely fading away since more and more people are opening up about the demons they’re facing.

Pink opened up about her own experience with mental health issues in an interview with Carson Daly on Today

It is important to talk about it

According to the singer-songwriter, the importance of talking about these issues cannot be undermined. She has struggled a lot with depression over her career, and she has a few insights she could pass on.

The 39-year-old is certain that most kids are struggling with anxiety issues, and by kids she means the youth. Pink certainly knows what she’s saying; you only have to look at the list of celebrities who’ve recently opened up, taking Justin Bieber, for example.

The young lad is only 25, and you only have to take a peek at his Instagram page to know how much he is going through. At least he’s handling his anxiety well, though. There are many others who are not lucky enough to have the support system that he does.

How many have no celebrity status that gives them the confidence to open up? Trust you me, there are millions suffering in silence as the mental health epidemic slowly seeps into the society, planting its roots wherever it can.

The performer is all about expressing herself fully and openly

And this is exactly what Pink is fighting for. She wants us to know that it is very okay to talk about mental health. We’re all up in everyone’s’ business when they gain a few pounds, giving advice on how to shed the extra weight. Why, then, aren’t we as concerned about people’s mental health as we are about their physical wellbeing?

The Grammy-winning artist says that the youth should be encouraged to be candid about all matters mental health, especially if there’s something that’s messing with their peace of mind.

According to Pink, depression and subsequent suicide in her generation is equivalent to what the younger generation is now facing. And although she maintains that suicide is still as prevalent in the youth, she thinks it is more from anxiety than from depression.

For her generation, depression is what messed everything up for an individual. In her case, she was always overthinking, coming up with untrue scenarios in her head. These, in turn, complicated issues, leaving her in a sorry state.

Pink stays strong for the sake of her beautiful kids and family

Proactive as ever

Although Pink is much better now, she is still proactive about the issues of mental health. She still goes to therapy and maintains a close inner circle consisting only of people she knows.

What of her marriage, you ask? Pink and Carey Hart have been together for 17 years now, and the artiste revealed that they have almost always gone for couples’ counseling.

Not that there’s anything wrong with their relationship (clearly not, they’re almost two decades in), but the two just like to cover their bases. According to the singer, this counseling is the sole reason why they are still very much in love.

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