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Spiritual Lessons You Need to Extract from Your Perfectionist Tendencies

You may have heard from your peers or people in your workplace that your perfectionism is a negative trait in you as it results in delays of tasks or causes other problems with your everyday life, but we understand that this is not something you can avoid doing.

How can you mark a task as complete if you are not completely satisfied by the output you have produced? Not to worry though, as there are some uplifting spiritual lessons which you can extract from your otherwise stigmatized habit, and you will realize how positive being a perfectionist can be.

It’s An Opportunity To Love Yourself

Carl Jung explains perfectionism as part of what he calls our shadow, which is that side of us which we hide from our conscious mind. The trick is to embrace that shadow self of yourself, those qualities which you have tried to ignore for the longest period of time.

The first step is to admit to the fact that you are a perfectionist, which would help you accept that this side of yours comes out at certain instances although you are an imperfect individual. Accept it as a part of you!


The first step towards dealing with your perfectionist tendencies is to accept them as a part of you

It Is Your Soul’s Desire

If you believe in destiny, then you must also believe that your soul has a purpose in this world. Whenever your perfectionist tendencies start exhibiting themselves, know that this quality of yours is only helping you achieve those purposes which you are destined to accomplish.


For example, if you are a parent, then being a perfectionist can be the best thing for your kids as any experiences which you create for them would be flawless. We are sure your kids would appreciate all the extra attention!

Believe In Yourself

This is the most important lesson you can take out of your perfectionism as it would help you emerge more confident in your abilities than ever before. Think about it this way.

The reason why you believe things can be done much better is because you have higher expectations from yourself. All that’s required now is an inner belief that you are destined to achieve greatness with whatever you pursue, even in the little things.

However, it’s important for you to embrace your flaws as well, and you need to accept the fact that you are not immune to making mistakes every once in a while. You are still human after all!

You Can Become More Mindful

Many of us are concerned with our physical health and wellbeing, hitting the gym to stay in optimal shape which feels and looks great. But have you ever thought about working out your mind? Although reading books and indulging in mentally strenuous activities helps sharpen the mind, however they do not exercise every aspect of your mind.

Hence you need specialized exercise for every mental component, just like there is a specific exercise to target individual muscle groups in the body. Perfectionism is like a specific exercise, and it helps you in achieving a more mindful state of mind.

This means that whenever you slip into perfectionism, you need to develop a conscious acceptance of the fact that you have done so, subsequently training your mind to remain mindful of its behavior and thought processes. This will help your mind become more wary of your surroundings, and also improve your attention span to changes in the environment.

Perfectionism is like a specific exercise, and it helps you in achieving a more mindful state of mind

It Is A Beautiful Reminder Of Our Incompleteness

We are not built for perfectionism, as we rely on the limited information provided to us to make decisions. This is why perfectionists often find themselves disappointed in their own abilities, disillusioned by their lack of success with their ambitions.

However, there is beauty in that. As a perfectionist, when you hit rock bottom, you realize that everyone is prone to making mistakes, and you start giving people the benefit of doubt.

You start accepting people with their incompleteness and insecurities, and come together to reassure them that they are good just the way they are. This kind of empathy only comes when you have experienced failure yourself, and perfectionists are pros at experiencing failure, big or small, throughout their lives.

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