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8 Research-Backed Essential Oils That Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Now that it is no longer taboo to talk about mental health issues, more and more people are opening up on their battles with stress and anxiety.

And while seeing a professional could be the best way to win the fight against mental illness, studies show that we may find the cure to anxiety in the most unlikely of sources – essential oils.

When most of us think about these oils, we tend to think that they’re only good for a perfect spa date. Well, they are, but research tells us that there’s more to them than meets the eye.

Dr. Yufang Lin, a specialist in interactive medicine based in Cleveland, shares some of the essential oils that scientific evidence backs to relieve stress, help us sleep better, and so much more.

Lavender Oil

Going by findings from a study carried out in 2012, lavender treats symptoms of depression, and in the process, relieves stress.

Lavender treats symptoms of depression

Dr. Lin explains this finding by revealing that lavender oil impacts positively on the brain’s limbic system, the part that controls our emotions.

Bergamot Oil

Just as its name suggests, this essential oil is extracted from bergamot oranges. You do know that oranges are citrus fruits, don’t you?

As such, bergamot oil has a citrus scent, one that has been shown to have energizing effects. According to a 2015 study, this scent also improves a person’s mood and while at it, reduces symptoms of anxiety present.

Orange Oil

Research conducted in 2015 shows that this essential oil is particularly useful for expectant mothers. According to the study, orange oil, coupled with Zen yoga, lowers a mother’s anxiety in the days leading up to labor.

Orange oil relieves anxiety brought on by the prospect of labor

Using the oil during the gestation period also lowers the risk of a complicated delivery, as the mother will be in the right frame of mind during the process.

Frankincense Essential Oil

It’s Christmas season, and who doesn’t know that frankincense was one of the three gifts the Wise Men brought to Baby Jesus? They must have known how important of an oil it was.

According to a 2008 study, frankincense, when used in conjunction with lavender and bergamot oils relieves pain, depression, and anxiety in cancer patients.

Myrrh Essential Oil

This was yet another gift presented to Baby Jesus, and research shows that it has the same effects as lavender oil has.

Additionally, myrrh lets you feel more relaxed in general.

Rose Oil

Rose is yet another oil that works miracles for pregnant women.

A 2014 study found out that it has similar effects to orange oil, and especially so for women who use the oil in their foot baths.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus contains methanol, and everyone knows that the alcohol’s cooling effect relieves tensions and aches.


Eucalyptus oil reduces anxiety and promotes a relaxed mood

In doing this, eucalyptus oil reduces anxiety and promotes a relaxed mood.

Tea Tree Oil

Of all the essential oils on this list, this has got to be the least researched one.

All the same, existing material shows that it relieves stress, boosts immunity, and keeps some diseases at bay.

With these very promising findings, further research should definitely be carried out on tea tree oil.

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