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54-Year-Old Hoda Kotb Just Welcomed Another Child! Who Said It Couldn’t Be Done?

At 54, Hoda Kotb is now the mother of two! The Today co-host shared the news last Tuesday, during the day’s broadcast.

Hope Catherine is now officially her daughter by adoption, and she joins her new sister Haley Joy as part of Kotb’s family. The anchor adopted Haley two years ago and has been taking care of her since February 2017.

Evidently, Kotb is over the moon for being a second-time mom, and she couldn’t wait to share the great news with the world. She was elated talking about her, and she actually said as much. As she put it, she still couldn’t believe that the adoption had panned out successfully.

At the age of 54, Hoda Kotb is now the mother of two

Intense Emotion

Continuing in her over-joyous state, she detailed how both she and her partner Joel Schiffman thought that they had their last shot at parenting with Haley, but it all changed once they had Hope in their arms. As Kotb put it, it was an event just short of live birth, and you can bet that it was intense with emotion.

The family is finally complete

According to the 54-year-old, her heart tripled in size just by being handed another baby. And in that exact moment, she was in a state of both disbelief and delight. It was happening again; she was a mom for the second time!

Guess who else is enjoying having a sibling? Haley! While breaking the Hope Catherine news, Kotb revealed that earlier that morning during breakfast, two-year-old Haley was trying to feed her little sister some raspberries, and Kotb had to let her know that it was too soon for her to be eating solid foods. Either way, this is a good sign that there’s already an undeniable bond being created between the two kids.

Haley has taken the excitement up a notch by roaming around the house chanting that she’s now a big sister over and over. She even wants to share Catherine’s bassinet with her, isn’t that just adorable? We can’t wait to watch the two sisters grow up and become BFFs.

Naturally, everyone in the Today team shared Kotb’s joy with her, and you could tell that they are all a close-knit family. Who wouldn’t want that at their workplace? Savannah Guthrie was most probably the most emotional of all, saying that they all couldn’t wait to shower the new bundle of joy with love and congratulate her mom.

Hoda is already a mom to two-year-old Haley Joy

The Duo to Watch

Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie are quite the duo, and the two have held the fort at the Today show for a while now. As the show’s first all-female hosts, they have already earned their place in the history books, and going by the great job they’re doing, history will indeed be kind to them.

In addition to being a morning show host, Kotb is also an author who has penned down four books. As you can guess, they are quite the page-turners, beginning with her 2010 autobiography which was an instant bestseller.

Her 2018 book (the latest one yet) was quite the read that Kelly Clarkson adapted it to fit a song she was working on. What more does Hoda Kotb have in store for us?

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