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6 Outrageously Expensive Meal Plans That Only Celebrities Can Afford to Follow

Celebrity status definitely has its perks, and swimming in cash has got to be one of them. You can’t command the attention of the world and still remain a pauper, can you?

Being rich translates to having expensive tastes, and this is evident even in the celebrities’ choice of weight loss meal plans.

While there are so many options out there, most of which are affordable to the average American citizen, there are those that are only a recluse for the rich, celebrities being part of this group.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

South Beach Diet

Nicole Kidman and the Clintons have long been fans of this diet. Much as we’d like to try it out though, it is definitely out of our meal plan budget, and by quite a stretch.

Chicken and salad, as you’d have them on a South Beach diet

$4,400 for food every year is quite the amount, but for those who’ve got bank, what’s to stop them from this premium plan? Afterall, it has been known to deliver the desired results.


Celebrities who’ve used the Nutrisystem diet include Dan Marino, Melissa Joan Hart, and Janet Jackson. Based on your preferred meal plan, and there are more than 160 choices available, the provider will send you weekly food packages.

There’s also an auto-delivery option where the program chooses what to send you, and at $340 every month, this is the cheaper option. If you hand-pick what you want, the cost shoots up to at least $560 per month.


Celebrities who are proudly vegan include Zack Efron, Natalie Portman, and Ellen Pompeo. If you’re wondering why this diet plan features on this list, it’s because celebrities don’t do vegan like the rest of us do.

Zack Efron is proudly vegan. Given his glow, the diet definitely works well for him

For the average American, going vegan means going out to the store, buying all the ingredients you need, and making the meal yourself. Celebrities, on the other hand, prefer ready-made vegan meals. No wonder they spend up to $3,500 on food every year.

Metabolic Balance

The endgame where this diet is concerned is the prevention of adult-onset diabetes by regulating your body’s insulin levels. This is a noble goal, but for $5,700 annually, this is a steep price to pay.

Additionally, this diet only provides nuts, lean meats, and fresh produce, so you have to spend roughly another $100 every week for actual food. That’s an extra $5,200 per year.


Created by Dr. Sears, this diet combines plant and animal fats to help you reduce weight. It goes for $4,800 per year, but does not provide the Omega-3 pills that Dr. Sears recommends to go along with the meal plan.

Since you have to get them, this becomes an extra expense, on top of the $4,800 you’ve already paid.

All-Organic Diet

This could pretty much be the most expensive weight loss diet plan ever.

An all-organic diet is great for your health, but not so great for your wallet

Celebrities who stick to an all-organic meal plan tend to spend over $300 on food per week, and the annual average has been reported to be $14,400 per individual.s

While the benefits of going organic are undeniable, it seems that the diet doesn’t care for your wallet one bit.

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