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Anne Hathaway is No Longer Vegan, and the Reason Will Surprise You

Have you heard the popular saying that you can’t exactly fit into another person’s diet plan? Well, that’s absolutely true. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another because there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to diets.

You could cut out carbs from your diet and still see no weight loss, whereas someone else could be downing junk every single day and still be as slim as Needle. See what I did there, GoT fans?

When Hathaway was all about the vegan life

Staunch Vegan

A trip down memory lane will help you remember that when it came to committing to a plant-based diet, no one could beat Anne Hathaway to the chase. The actress was extremely vocal about the diet’s benefits and it definitely shows since she has a body to die for!

Remember her in The Dark Knight Rises? As much as the movie was all about Batman and how Bane was stealing the show, Catwoman (played by Hathaway) was a sight for sore eyes. And the actress looked just as stunning in Les Misérables making us wonder what’s the secret to her amazing figure.

Anne Hathaway was so passionate about veganism that even her wedding menu was completely plant-based

During Hathaway’s wedding in 2012, the entire menu was vegan, so you can just imagine how passionate she was about the lifestyle. But in came Matt Damon a few years down the line, and Hathaway’s commitment was tested. And I mean, really, REALLY, tested.

The two went out for dinner (in Iceland), and Matt asked to be served with whatever the chef saw fit. Hathaway, on the other hand, initially wanted to stick to her diet while still not being difficult.

Looking around, she noticed that she was the only lady in the restaurant and all men were just ordering whatever that was on the menu. No special requirements, nothing. What was she to do?

Salmon Did the Trick

In a meek voice and succumbing to the pressure in the room, she subtly asked for fish.

As she put it, the salmon jolted right through her brain! Since then, Anne has never looked back. Most of what she eats these days is poultry and fish, and it’s working miracles for her body. I mean, have you even seen her lately?

Nowadays, Anne doesn’t restrict herself when it comes to food

The 36-year-old has also opened up on how restrictive the vegan diet was, and the toll it had taken on her body. While shooting Interstellar, the actress started noticing the negative effects of veganism, since her body could not hold the space suit (weighing 18kg) that she had to put on every day.

Now, Hathaway’s great looks have her inclusive diet to thank for, but we cannot forget that the actress also stopped drinking. Alcohol is a drug, in a sense that it can be addictive and do harm to your body.

And keeping drugs out of your system has to have some effect on your health, doesn’t it? No wonder the actress has been glowing more than ever before for the past one year.

And when I say glowing, it isn’t just about her skin. Her parenting skills have also gone up a notch. Despite her confession that she really loves drinking, she gave it all up to raise her son. Nothing beats a mother’s sacrifice.

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