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Baby Archie Shares Birthday with a HUGE Hollywood Superstar, Can You Guess Who It Is?

On May 6, George Clooney turned 58, but you didn’t notice, did you? You were busy going on about Meghan’s royal baby, who now goes by the moniker, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. The two now share a birthday, and Clooney isn’t too happy about that. Or is he?

While on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, the actor joked that baby Archie stole his show by being born on his birthday! The audience received his sentiment on a light note, bursting into a hearty laugh.

George Clooney said in an interview that baby Archie stole his birthday thunder this year

Godfather, Maybe?

Seeing as Clooney and his wife are close friends with Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, Kimmel asked the actor if there was any chance of him being named Archie’s godfather.

To this, Clooney replied that it wouldn’t be that much of a great idea. He has his set of twins to deal with (and he says he can barely manage them) so it wouldn’t be wise to add onto his responsibilities.

Additionally, the actor was positive that it wouldn’t be him, going to a point of even promising it to Kimmel.

Off Kimmel’s set, Clooney urged the public to get off Meghan’s back. Talk about how she has estranged part of her family has been making headlines, with sister Samantha Markle even putting out a statement about it.

Baby Archie is lucky to have a dad as caring as Prince Harry

Time for Peace, Not Squabbles

Those thinking along these lines are of the opinion that she is unfairly sidelining an important part of her family and that the Duchess should allow them to meet her newborn.

However, Clooney thinks that this isn’t the time to get into family squabbles. He wants people to be kinder to Meghan, describing her as a young lady who just gave birth to her firstborn.

Given their friendship, Clooney has always defended Meghan whenever he can. He has long held the belief that people are being as cruel to her as they were to late Princess Diana.

Before the Duchess had her baby, Clooney spoke to WHO magazine regarding the media vilifying Meghan. According to the actor, it was very much a case of history doing what it always does – repeating itself.

And although the Duchess shares a lot of similarities with Princess Diana, it would be better if the media just let her be. Or is this the curse of being a smart royal woman?

The best of family friends

Meghan Markle and George Clooney are undoubtedly friends, but the Duchess is closer with his wife and human rights activist, Amal Clooney. According to PEOPLE, Meghan and Amal have known each other for quite a long time and share a number of similar interests.

The two are so close that Amal was the one tasked with helping Meghan adjust to her new life in London. It’s always better having someone to hold your hand when you move to a new city, right? Luckily for Meghan, Amal wouldn’t dare let her down.

The bond that exists between these two families is seemingly unbreakable. The Clooneys have hosted the royal couple on more than one occasion, including a four-day stay at their Lake Como villa.

That Amal and Meghan are both humanitarians undoubtedly strengthens their bonds, and we can only wait to see how it goes on from here.

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