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Become the Master of Your Personal and Professional Life, as These Billionaires Have Done

Many people believe that one can focus on the betterment of either professional or personal life, failing to recognize that both these aspects of one’s life are not mutually exclusive by nature. In fact, true success lies in gaining mastery in both your professional and personal life, and although there aren’t many examples of successful people who have done that, we can still take inspiration from successful people who have mastered at least one of these areas.

For example, Steve Jobs is an excellent example of what to do in your professional life, although many people may not feel comfortable following his example when it comes to the kind of personal life he lived. The inspiration for improving upon your personal life can come from some other successful people, most notably Bill Gates or Warren Buffet.

Focus On The Important Stuff

If you are like those people who are almost always overburdened with work and feel like they never have any free time for their own self, then something which Steve Jobs said when he was only 22 years of age should put things in perspective. According to him, being an innovator means that one always has thousands of ideas coming in, however, he would never have been successful had he kept entertaining all of those ideas.

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It was because of Steve Jobs’ amazing work ethic that he became as successful as he did, launching a company that is now the most valuable one in the world.

Jobs believed that focusing on just one idea which you really believe in means that you must kick out all of the rest out of your mind. Only then can you truly focus on the task at hand as that way your mind won’t be distracted thinking about the potential, which all of these other seemingly good ideas present.

Place Intervals In Your Work

While your workplace may frown upon you taking any breaks at all, but by the end of the day, your performance is all about the kind of output you are producing. To improve the flow of your work, researchers Brad Stulberg as well as Steve Magness, both of whom co-authored the book called Peak Performance, recommend an interval-based approach to work.

According to their research, the most productive way to work is to spend 52 minutes of your time completely focused on your work, and then spending around 17 minutes taking a break before getting back to work for another 52 minutes. Both Stulberg and Magness have presented evidence which suggests that this approach greatly improves the quality of work which one produces. In fact, this interval-based approach is followed by many successful professionals in all fields, including athletes as well as artists.

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Although you may feel guilty about taking a break at work especially if you have a lot of work to do, but doing so can actually improve your productivity.

Redesign Your Morning Routine

Melissa Gratias, who is a psychologist, believes that efficient planning of your morning routine is key to a productive day ahead. She recommends spending a few minutes every morning to plan out the rest of your day, especially the first hour of your workday which you should spend covering the most important tasks.

Gratias also recommends avoiding your emails until later in the day, minimizing any interruptions such as a ringing phone, and avoiding trivial tasks which can be dealt with later.

Spend Time With People Who Love You

You wouldn’t expect someone with as much money as Warren Buffet to talk about love, but according to the billionaire, by the end of the day, it’s all about the number of people in your life who truly love you. According to him, that is the real measure of your success, as although money can buy everything else in life, it cannot buy true love. Hence, he recommends that you should love as freely as you can, because only by giving love to others can you expect to be loved in return.

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Not only does spending time with your loved ones boost your level of happiness, but it also rejuvenates your mind, enabling you to get back to work with a fresher perspective.

Value Your Friendships

Friendship is not a one-sided affair, and according to Bill Gates, having strong friendships is essential to living a fulfilling life. Gates recommends investing your time in friendships with people who you know are worthy of your trust, as such bonds are priceless and add value to your life especially in the later years. Gates cherishes his friendship with Buffet for the same reason.

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