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This Is the Best Time to Exercise, According to New Ground-Breaking Research

Are you a workout enthusiast, or just a sluggard who loves to cling on to the warm bed for several miutes after the morning alarm goes off? No judgments though, but if you prefer being lazy, you’re not doing your body any justice. And it’s not just your body that you’re not doing any favors – your mental health is on the losing end too.

According to a new study, exercising regularly boosts various mental capabilities, and who wouldn’t love being completely alert and productive all day?

Recently, a few Australian researchers took it upon themselves to figure out how a moderate morning workout session affects a typical work day. To put their findings into context, they defined a working day as six and a half hours of uninterrupted sitting behind a desk and working on the computer.

Regular exercise is crucial for our wellbeing

Improved Cognition

As they were to discover, a half an hour of exercise each morning improved their cognition dramatically. What’s more, the workout doesn’t have to be rigorous or intense. Simply 30 minutes on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike gets the job done and you get your cardio fix for the day.

However, for maximum cognitive benefits, the researchers recommend combining these 30 minutes in the morning with a three-minute walk every half hour while at work. With the combination, they cite benefits such as improvements in short-term memory, attention to the tiniest of details, multitasking, visual learning, and concentration.

All the same, they were keen to say that a moderate workout could mean different things to different types of people, so it is upon the individual to figure out their perfect morning exercise.

Whatever your poison, however, the Australian researchers say that when you’re exercising moderately, you should speak comfortably. What should be a daunting task is singing, and would you be a lamb and try this out tomorrow morning?

Gardening comes in handy too

They do us one better by recommending activities that we should try out in the morning, including yoga, fast walking, or bicycling. You may have considered all of these, but what about intensive cleaning, or gardening? According to the researchers, either of these could come in handy too.

The findings from this research are consistent with results from previously existing studies, such as one done by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Researchers in this one found that running for at least 15 minutes daily, which is equivalent to taking a one-hour walk, releases endorphins that boost concentration and makes our brain sharper.

Beyond Working Hours

The best thing about exercising is that its benefits go way beyond your working hours. In fact, exercise can relieve stress accumulated from things not going according to plan at work. See those endorphins that are released during exercise? They also relieve tension in the body, and when the body is relaxed, the mind feels better too.

When the body is relaxed, the mind feels better too

And if you’re having any self-esteem issues, working out will throw them right out of the window. Truth be told, sticking to a routine is an investment in yourself, both physically and mentally. The consistency builds your sense of self-worth, and if your body becomes ribbed because of it, isn’t that a plus?

By meeting exercising goals that you set for yourself, you get to have this sense of achievement that makes you ready to face the world.

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