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Exercising as a Parent is HARD! But Here’s How Kristen Bell Stays in Shape

Early in her career, American actress Kristen Anne Bell was focused and dedicated towards climbing the ladder of success in the television industry. Her best-known TV series is Veronica Mars which aired from 2004 to 2007. For her role in the show, she earned herself a Saturn Award for Best Actress on Television.

Talented and award-winning actress Kristen Bell is best known for her role in Veronica Mars

She also played her famous character in the show’s 2014 film adaptation, but that wasn’t her first time she was featured on the silver screen. While she was still playing Veronica, she made her filming debut in the 2005 thriller Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical. Between 2007 and 2008, she graced our screens as Elle Bishop in Heroes, while being the narrator in Gossip Girl, at the same time, a role she continued to hold on to till 2012.

Hollywood Heavyweight

Bell’s breakout film was 2008’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and she has since then become a Hollywood heavyweight, featuring in various high-profile movies and television shows such as Couples Retreat, Bad Moms, Frozen, House of Lies, and The Good Place. 

Kristen Bell with her co-stars Kathryn Hahn and Mila Kunis from Bad Moms

Many are impressed by Bell’s sense of humor, her advocacy for physical and mental wellness, her open nature when it comes to the challenges of parenting, and her stand on self-care. Without a doubt, she really prioritizes taking care of herself regardless of how busy she is. As you can already guess, she tries to sneak in a work out session into her schedule whenever she can.

Speaking to Shape, the actress admitted to having tried out a lot of workouts in Los Angeles and has realized that she needs routines that provide maximum output in the shortest amount of time. The House of Lies star maintains that due to her tight schedule, a relaxing yoga class doesn’t cut it when she has only a few minutes to spare. Instead, she prefers exercises that are high in intensity, burn more calories and wake up her metabolism for the rest of the day.

Push Yourself to the Limit

With her school of thought, it is no surprise that she prefers to work out at the Studio Metamorphosis gym. Here, sessions are geared towards “max sweat in min time”, proving to be just the kind of thing Kristen Bell lives for.

She takes the strength and cardio combo classes, burning anywhere between 500 and 1,000 calories at a go. Kristen describes the combo class as the worst one she has ever taken, meaning it pushes her to her desired limits. The goal is to fully exhaust one’s muscles, an objective that is all too welcome for the 38-year-old.

Kristen also loves a good stretch, and she schedules stretch sessions regularly. She insists that a good stretch is a mindful practice, and she even has her kids stretch out with her before going to bed. As she puts it, habitual self-care keeps her health on track, in addition to making her aware of her body.

If you’re wondering how she gets all this done, she says that it’s all about having your priorities right. She also has a supportive husband (Dax Shepard) who understands the essence of working out. Once in a while on the weekends, Dax offers to take the children out, giving her time to attend a gym glass or two.

Kristen Bell and husband, Dax Shepard are Hollywood’s power couple

According to the actress, she always has this need to take care of everyone and everything around her. When the weight is taken off her shoulders, she is able to concentrate more on herself. Her husband clearly understands her need to focus on health and fitness which is why he is always more than willing to help.

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