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Feeling Sad? Dwayne Johnson’s Method to Beat This Mental State Might Actually Work!

From the way he looks at the camera, with a larger than life smile on his face, it seems as though Dwayne Johnson has got absolutely no worries in his life. But, underneath that tough exterior, there is a person who is as prone to feeling sad as any of us.

According to an interview that Johnson gave to Xilla Valentine while promoting his film Rampage, he has had his fair share of sad feelings. But, the interesting bit of the interview was the two ways Johnson shared that allow him to deal with sadness very appropriately and effectively.

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Dwayne Johnson was more famously known as The Rock during his wrestling days.

The Two Ways

The first way that Johnson deals with sadness is by action. This means that Johnson gets up and engages in some form of activity that would allow him to get his mind off of the sad feelings.

His preferred activity is obviously hitting the gym, as he is able to divert his attention and focus it completely on the workout, and also because at the end of it he feels much better about having engaged in a healthy activity. Not to mention the endorphins (the feel-good chemical) which are released in his brain, which help him feel much better.

But that is not the only way that Johnson deals with sadness. According to him, sometimes he does not feel like hitting the gym to distract himself from it. Instead, he decides to embrace it completely, by listening to sad music and allowing his sadness to flow as much as possible. This is his own way of therapy, and it helps him overcome the feeling.

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Johnson has always been into fitness, and his extremely muscular body is evidence of that fact.

Having a Coping Mechanism is Important

The occasional feelings of sadness are not very alarming, but when it comes with a history of some mental condition like depression, then Johnson recommends having some form of a coping mechanism at your disposal to deal with the sad episodes to prevent falling back into the mental illness you suffered from in the past. There is no set method of coping with sadness, as different things may work for different people.

For example, for many people, engaging in an activity that exercises their creativity is enough to deal with all the sad feelings they are experiencing, while for people like Johnson, their way of coping is by performing a physical activity.

Of course, there are some people who prefer to process their emotions in a very systematic manner, getting to the root cause of their sadness and dealing with it to ensure that they don’t feel sad anymore. The bottom line is this: choose the coping mechanism that works best for you.

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Sometimes embracing sadness is the best remedy, according to Johnson.

It is not as easy to find a coping mechanism on your own, although it is not impossible either. But, if you are having difficulty in finding one, then it is recommended that you seek help from a professional of mental health who can help you figure one out.

Or perhaps talking to other people might help. Johnson believes that opening up about your sadness is the first step to dealing with it, especially when it comes to men who are prone to hiding away their feelings.

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