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Goodbye Dr. Yang! The Sad Reason Why Sandra Oh Will Never Return to Grey’s Anatomy

Oh, Dr. Cristina Yang (see what I did there?) – how everyone loved her! Fans of, what is arguably Shonda Rhimes’ best show yet, Grey’s Anatomy, have been missing Sandra Oh who played the character of Cristina Yang on the show. Most of them are still in denial that she actually left after being with the cast for so many years, and some are even hopeful that the actress will be back as the doctor they loved for ten years.

Sandra Oh, a darling to Grey’s Anatomy fans, says she may never return on the show

Unfortunately, hoping for her return does them no good. At the beginning of this month, the actress reiterated that there’s no chance of her ever returning to Grey’s Anatomy – not even for a brief cameo of any sort.

Not Happening

The 47-year-old now stars as Eve on a BBC America spy thriller, Killing Eve. Speaking during the show’s premiere in Hollywood, she faulted media personalities for always inquiring about her return as Dr. Yang.

Still, she obliged the Extra reporter and insisted that it is only natural for an actor or actress to move on creatively, and that’s what she did. Nevertheless, she appreciates that fans still love Yang and the fact that Grey’s Anatomy keeps her alive, but she’s now moving on with her new show.

According to the actress, she loves playing Eve and intends to keep doing so for as long as the show’s producers let her. Additionally, Oh emphasized that there’s no other place she’d rather be.

By now, you would think that Grey’s Anatomy’s fans would have made their peace with Oh’s departure, saving themselves from the disappointment that comes along with the actress always bashing their hopes. But Oh’s acting was so good we can’t really blame them for getting attached to her character.

Where it all started: Cristina Yang as portrayed by Sandra Oh in Grey’s Anatomy

Two years back, Oh gave the same answer when Access asked her about it. Same as now, she didn’t see the eventuality of being Yang ever happening. How heartbreaking.

Knowing that Shonda Rhimes, the producer, also tried charming Oh into a possible return, there might just be some light at the end of the tunnel. And considering that Oh wasn’t as affirmative to Rhimes as she usually is at interviews, fans are holding onto a thread of hope that the producer will finally find a way to win her back.

The actress told Rhimes that she wasn’t fully settled on returning or not, citing that for it to happen, she would have to have a pretty good feeling about it.

Still Got It!

Whatever happens, Sandra Oh’s fans are lucky that she’s killing it in her new show! Killing Eve is a motion pictures adaptation of Codename Villanelle, an exhilarating page-turner by Luke Jennings.

The actress just made headlines after winning a Golden Globe earlier in the year, making her the only Asian with two of the awards. She had previously won it in 2006 for her role in Grey’s Anatomy, and she has repeated the same feat on her new show. If that isn’t proof of her incredible talent, I have no idea what it is!

Oh’s new character, Eve Polastri, in Killing Eve

Few fans know that the actress could have nearly never been on the long-running Shonda Rhimes show. When she showed up to the auditions, it was not the best of days for Sandra. She had forgotten both her phone and her wallet, and her agent was discouraging her from taking the role.

Interestingly, she left without even auditioning. Luckily, she had met Rhimes and the producer instinctively knew Oh was perfect for Dr. Yang’s role.

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