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An Indian Startup is Offering Sleep Internship, And the Salaries Are Mind-Blowing!

Do you really, really love sleep? There’s an internship opening for you, but it’s all the way in India. is an Indian startup specializing in sleep solutions, specifically by producing mattresses.

They just so happen to have internship slots open, and fitting the job description requires no effort on your part – you just have to worship sleep.

To fit the job description, you just have to worship sleep

A 9-Hour Sleeping Session

According to the company’s advertisement, they need individuals who can sleep for a total of 9 hours a day, and repeat this feat for 100 days.

To qualify, all you need to do is convince folks at the startup that you can really sleep.’s co-founder and director Chaitanya Ramalingegowda insists that they’re looking for people who can do literally anything to ensure that sleep remains the topmost priority in their daily lives.

Dubbed the Sleep Internship, Chaitanya says that it is intended to focus on sleep health, doing so by applauding and commending individuals who cherish sleep a bit too much than the rest of us.

As an intern, the company will monitor your sleep pattern as you, obviously, enjoy your dreams while lying on mattresses.

In addition to this, they’ll give you a sleep tracker, and also provide counseling while at it. The tracker, by the way, does exactly as its name suggests – track the quality of your sleep before using the mattress, and after using it.

The one rule interns have to follow religiously is that they should never use a laptop during the scheduled 9-hour sleep. That seems doable, don’t you think?

The folks at Wakefit won’t tolerate this

Once the intern completes their internship successfully, the company will offer them a stipend of ₹1 lakh, which is around $1,400. Not a bad sum for days spent literally sleeping, no?

The company’s director is evidently passionate about sleep, saying that this internship is a step towards establishing sleep as an important factor in maintaining our work-life balance.

Right to Work Naps

And if you think that the exec is crazy, wait till you hear about another cause the company is championing for. Have you heard of the Right to Work Naps initiative?

For, this is very much a thing, and the startup is already in bed (get it?) with Cloudnine and Rentmojo in a collaborative effort to make this a reality.

They’ve also conducted a survey to this effect, finding that 86% of employees are in favor of nap rooms at the workplace.

If this initiative gains traction, offices will have siesta rooms where employees can take a nap at scheduled times, or probably when they feel overwhelmed.

Imagine taking a nap being an option when work becomes too overwhelming

According to Wakefit, allowing employees to take a quick nap during working hours will greatly improve their productivity.

Given the positive results that other companies have registered after implementing seemingly crazy policies in the workplace, you could argue that nap rooms have the potential to deliver the desired result.

The Microsoft subsidiary in Japan experimented with a 4-day workweek in August, registering a 40% increase in productivity that month. They also saved considerably on paper and electricity, so it was a win-win situation all around.

If this worked in Japan, why wouldn’t Wakefit’s stunt work in India? Time will tell though!

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