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Jennifer Lopez Broke Her No-Sugar-No-Carbs Fast With THIS Surprising Food

Jennifer Lopez is different from all of us. Apart from her impressive achievements in the entertainment industry, she has managed to do the unthinkable yet again. Even though her new feat doesn’t have anything to do with her music career, it’s still something that you’ll be very interested to know about.

Fans can recall that Jen recently did a ten-day no-sugar-no-carb challenge with her boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, Hoda Kotb and few other friends. Lopez didn’t only cut out carbs and sugar from her diet but also fruits and most root vegetables which are known as nutrient-dense foods. The diet was one of the hardest challenges of her life because it demanded a lot of determination and will power.

According to Keri Glassman, the challenge is similar to the keto diet because it focuses on fats and protein. She revealed that after cutting out sugar from her diet, even savory foods started tasting sweet to her. A meal with nuts and avocados would taste much more satisfying because it was her brain’s way of tricking her taste buds in order to satisfy her sugar cravings. But the question that is lingering on everyone’s minds is, how did the artist break her diet?

You would think that she celebrated the end of the challenge with an epic cheat meal with all of her favorite desserts, pasta, and pizzas. Instead, Lopez opted for plain Brussels sprouts! This just gave us another reason to love Brussels sprouts and we love her for staying dedicated to her health.

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