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Jessica Alba’s Diet Secrets That Make Her Look Healthy and Flawless

We all know Jessica Alba because of her uber-successful lifestyle company, Honest, which is worth $1 billion today. Aside from her entrepreneurial success, the gorgeous actress also leads a healthy lifestyle. If you’re wondering how she managed to look so beautiful and flawless despite her hectic schedule, well her beauty secret lies within this one fitness plan.

While many of us are struggling to get the ideal diet for our body and lifestyle, Alba has the right solution for healthy living, thanks to Kelly LeVeque who helped her revamp her eating routine through a life-changing plan called “the Fab Four”.

Alba makes sure she incorporates greens, fiber, fat, and protein in the meals she eats. The plan doesn’t restrict calories or promote a diet mindset, instead, it encourages users to make healthy food swaps to live a healthy lifestyle. The actress is able to keep up her energy levels because of her new diet. Even with her busy schedule, Alba makes time to prepare her meals and eat mindfully.

When she was a young girl, her immune system was so weak that she got sick very easily, until she eventually started eating healthier. But Alba doesn’t believe in dieting or starving herself. She loves desserts and ice cream which allows herself to have occasionally when she’s really craving them.

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