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John Cena Posted Cryptic Message About New Lady Love and Here’s How Ex-Fiancé Nikki Bella Reacted

For those of us who grew up watching John Cena in the ring, it has been interesting to see his transition from being a WWE superstar (well, he always will be) to an actor who lives much of his life in the public eye.

And with that much fame, we know for a fact that it is almost impossible to keep most affairs of his life private. His love life, for example, has very much been a public cruise with all his fans, tabloids and paparazzi aboard and enjoying the ride. No wonder we were so heartbroken when Cena and pro wrestler ex-fiancé Nikki Bella, parted ways.

Cena had a gem in Bella, didn’t he?

A Ring in a Ring

Back in April 2017, Wrestlemania fans were treated to a rare sight of a proposal happening during the event, with John Cena popping the big question inside the ring. At the time, things with Bella were going really well, and the wrestler agreed to marry him.

A year later, however, the couple announced their sad breakup, barely a month before their wedding day. After spending more than half a decade together, they were ready to call it quits, announcing their decision via social media. It was a difficult pill for the fans to swallow, but even more so for Bella who openly admitted to how the breakup affected her.

Social media platforms are a powerful tool for celebrities, and John Cena has recently tweeted on matters love. Speaking to his millions of followers, the 41-year-old urged them to make it their goal to be the right person, instead of waiting around for that seemingly perfect partner.

He went on to say that if you got to the point where your self-love was overwhelming, those in your company would surprise you.

These two were quite the couple back in the day

Naturally, the tweet created some interesting buzz, with rumor having it that Cena was most certainly referring to himself in relation to Shay Shariatzadeh, the new lady he has been spotted with lately.

Prior to being seen with Cena, no one knew of Shay; but you can bet that the media worked tirelessly to acquire any morsel of information about her. E! News got there first, identifying the lady as a project manager working at Avigilon in Vancouver. According to the outlet, Shay has been an Avigilon employee since 2015.

Nikki’s Reaction

Unsurprisingly, Nikki had to react to seeing pictures of Cena and Shariatzadeh. Luckily for her ex, she holds no ill feelings towards him and is actually happy that he is moving on. However, she also admitted that her first reaction to seeing the Cena-Shariatzadeh headlines was a heavy feeling in the stomach that she quickly got over.

The 35-year-old has also come to terms with their break up, admitting that wrong timing dealt them a bad hand. Going by her school of thought, she has not entirely closed the door on getting back together, but Bella also things that both she and Cena could be better suited for other people.

Additionally, Nikki was in a way announcing that the pressure of living their love life in the public eye did them wrong, and maybe they just caved.

However, she insisted that together with Cena, they decided to follow their hearts, and get out of an unhappy situation. All the same, she remains protective of her former long-term partner, asking Shariatzadeh not to hurt him.

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