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Kim and Kanye Receive the Best Surprise EVER on Their 5th Marriage Anniversary

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian seem keen on having a large family, and May brought with it an additional member, albeit via surrogate.

The couple has just recently welcomed their fourth child, and it’s a boy! Details of baby number four’s pregnancy were mostly kept private, and we didn’t know for sure when he was going to be born. All we had been told was that he’d be coming soon.

Family is everything for the Kardashians

The family announced the news to the world via Kim’s Twitter handle, with the model putting out two tweets to that effect. The first one let us know that the baby was finally here, and the next one gave us a bit of a description. As Kim said, he looks just like Chicago for now, but she expects him to change quite a lot.

Pregnancy Confirmed

Kim confirmed the rumors that they were expecting a fourth child in January this year. It was, by all means, quite the revelation. Together with Khloé and Kourtney (her sisters), Kim was on Andy Cohen’s show when their host asked her about it. She didn’t deny it and even went a step further to reveal that she knew when the child would be due.

She then confirmed that they knew the child’s gender, before revealing that it was indeed a boy, much to the shock of her sisters. Kourtney was the most surprised of the two, and it was evident that they were also just finding out.

Kim is elated by the birth of her baby boy

In her defense, Kim said that it was already out there and she couldn’t contain it. At Christmas Eve, Kim got drunk and told the secret to some people and she couldn’t remember who. To prevent them from telling her secret to the world, she decided that she’d be the one to break the news.

Baby number four is Kim and Kanye’s second child via surrogate, coming after Chicago who was born in January last year. After her second child was born, the doctors advised that Kim’s body couldn’t handle another pregnancy, prompting the couple to find a surrogate for their other two kids.

Number Five?

Asked about a possible fifth born, Kim responded that she wouldn’t dare go past four. According to her, she has a lot going on, translating to a hectic schedule and spreading herself really thin.

A fifth child would compound her problems, and she doesn’t think it’s fair to her or her husband. In her opinion, it is only right that the mom in any relationship gives her husband as much attention that she does the kids. Kid number five would mean less attention for Kanye, and he most certainly wouldn’t want that.

The couple has no intentions to have another baby due to their hectic schedules

Social media has been awash with speculation on the name the couple is going to give to their newborn and rumor has it that his name will be any of the three; Teddy, Bear, or Cub. These three guesses stem from the fact that whenever Kim has shared anything to do with her newborn on Instagram, a teddy bear emoji has been an ever-present feature in the caption. Could she be dropping us a hint? We’ll soon find out!

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