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Kit Harington’s First Reaction When He Met Emilia Clarke Wasn’t What We Expected

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. If you have no idea the weight this statement carries, you might as well pack your bags and take a trip to the moon.

These two are the hottest commodity on TV right now, and on the hottest show on the planet! Winter is here, and Game of Thrones fans couldn’t be happier. We’ve been waiting for seven seasons now — Seven seasons!

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are the hottest television characters right now

The aforementioned characters are respectively played by Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke, and the showrunners couldn’t have cast a better pair.

Over the show’s long run, Kit has transformed into a Hollywood heartthrob, loved by women around the globe. And of course, while many fans were elated for him when he got married to Rose Leslie, others were utterly heartbroken over the thought that their favorite actor was no longer single.

But honestly, the man is quite the steal, and it is understandable why millions crush on him. His dazzling looks are soon to be on display on the May issue of the Esquire magazine, where Kit opened up about meeting Emilia for the first time and his experience working with her.

He also talked about how it felt closing the Game of Thrones chapter of his life, and how much he’d miss Jon Snow.

To GoT fans’ disappointment, Kit is already married to co-star Rose Leslie

Emilia Clarke

Many may not know this fact but Tamzin Merchant, a talented English actress, was originally chosen to play the role of Daenerys in the unaired GoT pilot. The show’s producers watched it and decided to make some major changes to make the content fit for HBO.

One of these changes included replacing the actress who played Dany with a fresh face. That’s how Emilia Clarke made it to the show, and Kit remembers the first time he saw her.

He’d been having a conversation with Madden (who played Robb Stark) at the Fitzwilliam bar when he revealed that he’d just seen the new Daenerys and thought she was gorgeous.

As if on cue, Emilia walked in and all Kit could say was, “Wow.” As he told Esquire, the actress dazzles everyone in any room she walks into.

Asked about how the two became such good friends though they only just started working together in season seven, Kit said that they’d meet on table reads, do press releases together, spend time at Comic-Con, and even meet up when they weren’t on set.

Being the charming individuals that they both are, it’s no surprise that their friendship blossomed in no time. What’s more, Kit’s wife is on board with it, and he admits that the three of them are the best of friends.

Kit says that Emilia has the ability to light up the room when she walks in

Goodbye, Jon

Concerning his last day as Jon Snow, Kit recalls that he was fine throughout the shoot, but the finality of the event hit him after the filming was done.

As he put it, he went into hyperventilation and even broke down on set. For him, it was a blend of relief for making it to the end and the grief on not ever getting back into character again.

And when they (the costume girls) came to take his costume off, Kit felt as if they were ripping away a part of him, or taking away his identity. He was actually in tears, asking them to wait, but they didn’t listen and took the heavy fur coat right off of him.

He’s made his peace with leaving Snow behind and acknowledges that he got a pretty sweet deal playing the character.

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