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Kourtney Kardashian’s Genius Workout Hack for a Fit Figure

There are several reasons why we think that Kortney is the fittest sister in the Kardashian clan. Just a quick look at her Instagram account will provide ample proof to back this claim: there’re photos of her skiing down the slopes of France, riding a mountain bike through Turks and Caicos, hiking in Montana with her friends and hitting the gym with sisters Khloe and Kim. But when it comes to her amazingly toned legs, abs and arms, the real secret in in her pre-shower routine.

Kourtney Kardashian recently revealed that she performs 100 body weight squats before getting in the shower every day

Pre-Shower Routine

During her interview with E!, Kourtney Kardashian revealed her bathroom workout routine that she performs almost every day without fail. The mum-of-three says that just before she gets into the shower, she performs 100 bodyweight squats because she knows that she may not have the time to do them during the rest of the day.

If the fit mum is preparing for a special event or a holiday trip, she even throws in tricep dips for extra toned arms. Don’t have access to a bench? Kourt uses the edge of her bathtub to perform 25 repetitions of the exercise and she repeats the set thrice every day. But her pre-shower routine isn’t the only workout she gets. The Kardashian sister hits the gym 5 to 6 times a week and has a personal trainer to guide her through her workouts.

Finding Motivation

How exactly does she find the motivation to be consistent in her fitness routine? The secret, according to Kourtney, is in switching things up to make workouts more interesting. The reality television star says that her trainer always makes sure that she is doing something different in her workout routine.

Sometimes, when she has to train in the morning but struggling to find the motivation to get out of bed (can’t we all relate?), she often asks one of her sisters or friends to tag along. Having a gym partner really helps her get the most out of her workout. If she’s ever feeling frustrated or anxious, she takes a boxing class to relieve aggression and calm herself down.

Kourtney says that she tries to exercise first thing in the morning so that she can get it out of the way before getting busy with the rest of the day. She starts with a warmup routine consisting of jump squats of rope-skipping before moving on to resistance training like 30 minutes on the stair master or Pilates Reformer. Some of her favorite moves for toned legs and glutes include leg kick-backs with a resistance band and weighted squats with a kettlebell.

The fit mum-of-three hits the gym 5 to 6 times a week and focuses mainly on strength training

Eating Mindfully

Apart from her strict exercise routine, Kourtney also pays close attention to her diet. According to her app, she had been on a strict dairy-free and gluten-free diet for the past few years, but only recently decided to loosen the reins by allowing herself to eat more freely. Now, instead of shunning gluten and dairy from her diet completely, she consumes small amounts of them every day.

The mum-of-three admitted that, in the past, she would eat anything and everything on vacations, but then go back to her strictly clean-eating lifestyle in normal days. Instead of vacillating between two extremes, she has finally decided to find a middle ground where she is able to eat mindfully but allowing herself to occasionally indulge in her favorite treats at the same time.

Moderation is key to living a healthy and happy life, says Kourtney who now had some pizza or ice cream when she craves it. But the fit mum doesn’t splurge on junk food or ‘cheat’ on her lifestyle. Because, maintaining her figure, with three children, at the age of 39 isn’t an easy feat.

The Kardashian sister says that she only eats organic produce and steers clear of sugar, which she thinks is an addictive substance. Apart from having a gluten and dairy-free diet, she says that she is finally taking out the time from her busy schedule for her personal health and fitness. As a busy mum, she never got the chance to be consistent in her workout routine, but now she has made a goal to hit the gym at least 5 times a week, a practice that is beneficial for her physical and mental health.

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