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Too Late for Regrets! Kim Kardashian is Freaking Out Because She Isn’t Ready for Baby #4

Those who have been keeping up with the Kardashians know very well that Kim is expecting a fourth child via a surrogate. This new addition to the West family will be their second surrogate baby since Kim, according to health professionals, can no longer carry a pregnancy to term. Thank God for science and cryopreservation!

Late last month, Kim planned and hosted a baby shower in honor of her next child, leading us to believe that the due date isn’t that far off. I wonder what baby names they have in store for us this time around? Hopefully, not another direction!


Knowing Kim as well as we do, it wouldn’t have been a baby shower without an epic theme. To that end, she chose to go with CBD-infused products and her guests were in for a treat.

Kim Kardashian is a big fan of CBD due to its anti-inflammatory properties

And of course, her guests were the who’s who of the entertainment industry like Jen Atkin the famed hairstylist, and of course, Kim’s BFF, Chrissy Teigen.

We know you’re all wondering what CBD is, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Better known as cannabidiol, this substance is indeed a cannabis chemical.

However, the oil lacks tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), meaning that it does not have the same symptoms as marijuana. You really thought Kim would hand out drugs on her baby shower?

It is, in fact, an anti-inflammatory chemical that makes it perfect for incorporation into body oils and bath salts. Kim’s guests were lucky to have all of this and more for free!

Being the host of the event, Kim had something special to say to her guests. It is in her speech that she revealed why she chose the CBD theme for the shower, saying that she was freaked out at the thought of having a fourth child.

When it comes to kids, Kim and Kanye already have their plate full

That the baby would be coming in two weeks was a bit much for her, and she thought the best way to relieve the stress would be via CBD. And what better way to do it than with your closest friends?

She also let everyone in attendance know that they were all going to have a sound bath in addition to all the CBD stuff.

What’s a sound bath? According to Monte Hansen (a sound specialist), it is a way of cleansing your soul by immersing yourself in a certain sound frequency.

In a way, it is some form of meditation, and Maria Menounos and Paris Hilton are apparently huge fans of it. Their souls must have needed some cleansing.

Fun in being a guest

Is there anything better than being a guest at any event Kim hosts? I wouldn’t know, but it always seems like they get all the good stuff just for showing up.

Taking to Instagram, Kim reported that all those who attended the baby shower left with Yeezy slides as a token of the family’s appreciation. A pair retails for $150, but what’s a couple of hundred bucks to Kim and Kanye West?

You like my shoes? Gee thanks, they’re $150

The power couple is worth almost half a billion dollars combined. They can, therefore, have the luxury of spoiling their friends and family whenever they can. And obviously, their friends and family are also heavyweights in their own right. Feel challenged yet? Feel like you need a new circle of friends? You and me both!

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