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Laughter Isn’t Always the Best Medicine, Ask Charlize Theron Who Wound up in Hospital Because of It

They say that laughter is the best medicine, but have you ever thought of it as something that would land you in a hospital?

If you haven’t, Charlize Theron has! And not just think about it – she has literally been in the hospital for laughing too hard.

Seth Rogan and Charlize Theron just can’t keep a serious face!

In a recent interview with Seth Meyers, the 43-year-old actress admitted that she spent five days in hospital after watching the 2006 sensation, Borat.

Along with a couple of friends, the actress went out to watch the movie in the cinema. At the time, Theron was healing from a herniated disk, and the neck injury was almost completely healed. She wasn’t a hundred percent healthy, but she was doing great.

Borat, Please Stop! She’s Dying Here

However, Borat was so funny that she couldn’t hold back her laughter. Halfway through, she went on so hard that her neck locked itself into place and couldn’t move. Paramedics actually had to come in and rush her to the hospital, and she spent the next five days there!

The 2008 Comedy. Borat, got Theron hospitalized

And guess what? She has never had a chance to finish the movie. She even joked that it would be a risk to try and watch it again. Who would blame her?

Borat follows a character by the same name from Kazakhstan (played by Sacha Cohen) on a journey across the United States to meet Pamela Anderson. To say that the comedy is extremely hilarious wouldn’t do it justice. If you haven’t watched it yet, make a point of doing so, but also take care of your neck!

Rihanna knows how to stir the pot

Theron’s conversation with Seth revealed plenty of other intriguing details about her life, including the time she received a very special birthday gift from — guess who — Rihanna

Apparently, the two celebrities share Amanda Silverman as their publicist, who once sent Rihanna an email stating that she was his most favorite client. In response, Rihanna simply stated that she would make a t-shirt of their thread and send it to the actress, letting her know which one of the two was the publicist’s favorite.

Theron with Seth Rogen — the pair stars in Long Shot

And Rihanna did exactly that, sending the t-shirt to Theron via mail on her birthday. The 43-year-old had the t-shirt with her during the interview, and Seth held it up as he roared with laughter.

When he could contain himself, he let her know that Rihanna purposefully sent her the t-shirt to burn her. All the same, it was the singer’s idea of a joke, and it was well received. Theron actually said the present made her feel great.

Before it got to the comic side of things, Theron was actually on Seth Meyers’ show in regards to her new film, Long Shot. The actress stars alongside Seth Rogen and plays the current Secretary of State with her eye on the presidency, Charlotte Field.

Rogen plays the idealistic journalist in Fred Flarsky, and their combined talents make for some hilarious political undertones. Long Shot does a great job in accurately portraying the real world on-screen, and its perfect blend of politics, romance, and comedy is definitely worth your time.

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