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Liv Tyler Reveals Natural No-Makeup Look With Her Preferred 28 Products, Here Is All You Need!

We are sure you have looked at Liv Tyler’s face and become very critical about the effort you make to take care of your skin. There is no doubt that Tyler looks absolutely perfect when it comes to her face, and it looks like she barely puts on any makeup.

However, that all-natural look is actually the result of applying 28 different products on the face, and while you may now be seeking a list of these products to get on your next trip to the grocery store, bear in mind that they collectively cost a whopping $1700.

Liv Tyler’s face looks extremely radiant whenever she makes a public appearance

That’s right, it is no longer cheap to look naturally radiant, but it was never supposed to be cheap, to begin with. Nobody likes a makeup look that’s overdone, especially for a casual day out, and that is why we aspire to look as natural as possible.

Celebrities do it best, and thanks to the everyday look tutorials which Vogue has been making some of our favorite celebrities do is making it very easy for all of us to look as good as them on a daily basis. Here’s what Tyler revealed in her own such tutorial.

The 28 Product Look

The video, which was posted by Vogue, showed Tyler in her bathroom as she applied makeup on her face to achieve her daily natural look, and although the video itself spanned around 16 minutes, in reality, she may take a longer time to apply all the products to her face.

After tying up her hair, Tyler began with a cleansing ritual for her skin, using a facial soap and a specialized cleanser first, and then proceeded to use a purification mask to exfoliate any leftover debris.

In a video tutorial for Vogue, Tyler explained all the steps she goes through to achieve her everyday look

According to Tyler, having beautiful skin is only possible if you keep it as clean as possible, and that is only achievable through proper exfoliation. She also believes that a healthy-looking skin is the result of good internal health as well, and that is why recommends proper intake of water as well as green juices in addition to adequate sleep.

A Calm Skin

After she is done cleaning out her skin, Tyler moves onto relaxing it with a deep-hydrating mask that costs her around $160. She also feels relaxed on the inside as she performs these cleansing tasks, and it helps her manage anxiety as well. A hyaluronic serum follows the mask, which costs a massive $300. This one she applies even on her neck as well as on her hands due to its amazing rejuvenating properties.

All the skin cleansing rituals help Tyler’s anxiety all the while making her skin look ultra-fresh

Tyler then proceeds to massage her face with a standard facial massager that would cost you around $38. Then it’s time for eye patches, followed by some face oil and compensating cream.

She then sprays some mist before moving onto the makeup, which includes a highlighter, a concealer, a powder blush, a face powder, a lip balm, brow pencil, eye color, and some waterproof mascara. She finishes things off with some lip and cheek oil, and some contour and bronze on her face.

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