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Mom of the Year! Anne Hathaway is Giving up This Unhealthy Habit for Her Son

As a parent, you have to make numerous sacrifices for the sake of your kids. It comes naturally, and although you may find yourself complaining about it (probably to your friends or even your partner), you never take a step back from doing what’s best for your children.

Actress Anne Hathaway is no stranger to this, as she vowed to stop entertaining the bottle for the sake of her son. She made this huge decision last year, among many other sacrifices she had to make as a mother, and has stayed strong ever since.

As a mom, she’d do anything for her son, Jonathan

In her interview with Tatler magazine, whose cover she’s expected to grace in June, she revealed details about her life as the mother to Jonathan Rosebanks, her three-year-old, and how she gave up drinking for his sake.

One Drink? I’ll Pass

As she put it, the rule of having just a single drink per night doesn’t particularly work for her, as she’ll eventually find herself over-indulging. Can’t we all relate to this? The actress was being very honest, admitting that her issue is that she loves drinking a little too much than she should.

Unfortunately, her love for a bottle conflicts with her role as a mother, as whenever she’d drink she’d be unavailable for Jonathan. As she recalled the last time she drank, the 36-year-old confessed to having had a five-day hangover afterward.

The proud parents are doing whatever they can to set a good example for their son

Although not justifying her drinking, Hathaway said that she had earned the drink, probably for some recent achievement. That day, she along with her friends started drinking during the day, and as night came, they proceeded to a birthday party where they continued to make merry.

At this point in the story, the actress made a point to remind her host that she has never been the type to be comfortable with one glass of wine for an entire party. So, naturally, for her, she never held back.

And the next five days punished her for it. Fortunately for Jonathan, his mom decided to turn over a new leaf and hasn’t touched a drink for a year now. That’s some progress! Real progress!

Asked about what career she would have pursued if acting hadn’t worked out so well for her, Hathaway joked that she would probably have been an alcoholic. Her drinking problem had been that serious!

Teaching? The Military?

On a serious note, however, the actress said that she would have probably gone into the military or teaching, and would also have been a no-holding-back humanitarian and reformer. Not bad choices, huh? Imagine Anne Hathaway in a high school classroom!

Hathaway says that the rule of having just a single drink per night doesn’t work for her

Thank the heavens that we are lucky enough to have her entertain us on screen. Remember Rachel Getting Married? Hathaway did a pretty good job playing Kym Buchman, a drug and alcohol addict struggling to get sober.

Could the actress be drawing inspiration from the role that first introduced her as a performer worth her salt? The 2008 role did so well, going even to the point of earning Hathaway an Oscars nomination for Best Actress. Although she didn’t win it, the recognition was enough to cement her place as one of the greats.

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