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New Mum Jessica Simpson is Back in the Gym and We’re Loving Her Transformation

After the bumpy ride that was her latest pregnancy, Jessica Simpson is getting back to her old ways of healthy living. And we know from her previous weight loss transformations that she sure does love exercising.

It has been over two months since she welcomed baby Birdie into the world, and she can now finally find time to squeeze in a workout session in between her busy schedule, which includes running a successful business, in addition to raising three young kids.

Jessica Simpson is finally ready to get back in shape after giving birth

Taking to Instagram (obviously), Simpson announced that she was back to working out early last month. She uploaded a photo of herself in an ensemble of sorts, blending sneakers with leggings and a sweatshirt too big for her, but who cares? Also, it was an all-black affair, and the image showed her doing a warmup stretch to reach her toes.

Postpartum Joy

The caption was a hilarious one, with the 38-year-old admitting to postpartum joy. Given the pregnancy complications she had to endure while waiting for Birdie Mae, we can hardly blame her for being relieved that the little girl is finally here!

Simpson is happily married to Eric Johnson, and the couple welcomed their thirdborn early this year. Birdie came into the world on a Tuesday, specifically on 19th March.

It didn’t take long for the mom to share the good news and Simpson soon uploaded a photo of her eldest child welcoming her youngest into the family. The actress is a mother to daughters Maxi Drew, 7, Birdie Mae (few months old), and son Ace Knute, 5.

A family of five

Never one to shy away from posting lots of images, the 38-year-old mom has kept her Instagram page busy after Birdie’s birth.

She frequently shares photos of her family members doting over their newest addition, and you can tell that they all adore her. Birdie’s one lucky bird!

Despite making it seem an easy job to raise three kids, Simpson has admitted that motherhood isn’t a piece of cake.

She actually thought that she had her work all cut out for her being a mother already, but adjusting her life and family for baby number three has been really challenging. We can’t blame her, can we? We all know the hurdles one has to endure in parenting.

Still, giving up has never been an option for the actress. Together with her husband, the two are figuring out ways to ensure all kids receive equal attention, and Simpson admits that it is a full-time job at the moment, or even more.

Maxi can’t get enough of Birdie

Soaking Up Moments

Amidst all of this, however, she’s still soaking up any moment she can with Birdie. According to her, the little one is the piece of puzzle the family didn’t even realize was missing.

She completes their family, and Simpson celebrates her a lot. She acknowledges that infancy is a phase that quickly passes by, so she’d rather not miss a thing.

Admittedly, there are some chaotic scenes when you have three kids in the house. Speaking to PEOPLE, the mom recalled a night when all three of her children were crying. What to do now? She joined them!

Truth be told, raising kids is sometimes overwhelming, and that’s why our parents deserve all the appreciation in the world.

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