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After ‘No-Carbs-No-Sugar’ J-Lo Embarks on a New Fitness Challenge You Don’t Want to Miss

Isn’t Jennifer Lopez fitness goals? And so is her partner, Alex Rodriguez! The couple is arguably the fittest in Hollywood, and the two don’t seem eager to relinquish their title just yet.

Just recently, Alex took to Instagram to inform us (yes, we all keep up with this couple) on their latest fitness journey, one they were set upon by their trainer.

J-Lo recently made headlines for her popular no-sugar-no-carb challenge, and now she’s back at it again

Fasted Cardio

On the Instagram story, Alex and J. Lo were walking in NYC, headed out for fasted cardio. And the exercises mean just as their name suggests – cardio routines on an empty stomach.

If you’ve never heard of it, you must be from Mars because it’s nothing new. Over the years, the concept has hit it off with fitness enthusiasts and boiled over time and again. Its primary goal is to deny the body a source of energy while exercising so that it reverts to using fat. This way, stored body fat is lost naturally.

Or at least that’s what’s supposed to happen in theory. Practically, it gets a little bit difficult, with numerous studies showing conflicting results on the benefits (or the lack of them) of fasted cardio.

In love with the gym as they are with each other!

One of the earliest studies concerning fasted cardio found out that such exercises effectively clear up to 20% of body fat, a notion that has now been negated by many recent studies. According to a 2017 research by Hackett and Hagstrom, fat loss as a result of fasted cardio is inconsistent, seeing as it works instantaneously (when one is actively exercising) but doesn’t work for long-term weight loss.

Do it Right

Still, it wouldn’t hurt to try this technique out if you know how to go about it right. And this is by not straining yourself more than is necessary. Fasted cardio should involve low-intensity workouts for a maximum of one hour. If you feel like you could push your body a bit, increase the tempo to medium intensity routines.

According to weight loss experts, easier exercises are the best for fat loss. A high-intensity workout inhibits the body’s speed to burn out fat, hence one is not recommended if the goal. Additionally, such a workout could end up being counter-productive in the event it burns up protein which is an integral muscle component and is required for tissue repair in the body.

Jenny from the Block is undoubtedly one of the fittest celebrities in H-Town

For some time now, J. Lo and Alex have shared their various fitness routines, to the envy of many. The two look way younger than they actually are, and undoubtedly serve as the motivation to millions around the world to make healthy lifestyle choices. As J. Lo always says, a person is what they eat. As such, you should watch what you put into your body, in addition to fixing workout sessions into your schedule, no matter how busy you are.

The couple always seems to make their workouts look fun, and without a doubt, exercising together goes a long way in keeping their spark alive. Who wouldn’t want a partner that can support you in literally everything?

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