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Is Paul Rudd a Vampire? Twitter Goes Wild Over Actor’s Ageless Appearance at the Oscars

Paul Rudd is a vampire! Surprised? We’re convinced that the actor has achieved immortality because he hasn’t aged a day since 1995. Rudd looks just as handsome and youthful as he did 20 years ago, and if you don’t believe us, just see the side-by-side comparison photos we put together which clearly prove our theory.

We’ve heard about female superstars using various surgical treatments to rewind the clock, but Paul Rudd just left them all behind because the actor is turning 50 in April and he doesn’t look a day older than 30! His appearance at the 2019 Oscars to present an award for the Best Visual Effects alongside Sarah Paulson, stirred curiosity and speculations on the internet as fans wondered in awe how he manages to stay so young.

Some people believe that he struck a deal with the devil to stay youthful forever. But all jokes aside, Rudd is just a mortal being with really good genes. Even the organizers of the Academy Awards paired him with a younger female presenter who matched his visible age.

In 2015, the actor faced a lot of pressure to reveal his anti-aging secret, after which he was forced to admit that he was a big fan of using sunscreen. He doesn’t tan but makes use of sunscreen whenever he goes outside to stop his skin from getting damaged by the harmful UV rays. The actor wants to avoid skin cancer and has put things in place to stop the sun from affecting his good looks.

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