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Paula Abdul Is 57 Years Old Yet Capable of Dancing For 10 Hours Every Day. Here’s The Secret to Her Youthful Energy!

You must have heard that ancient saying which calls age just a number, meaning it does not matter how old you are as long as you feel young at heart. This is easier said than done, and many people do start feeling the impact of aging after stepping into their 40s.

But not Paula Abdul. The musician, who is now 57 years of age, does not seem to be taking things slow any time soon. Currently, she is working for her first-ever residency in the region of Las Vegas, which started earlier this August.

Paula Abdul is known around the world for her music, and also for being a judge on American Idol during the initial seasons of the show

Abdul is performing at the luxurious Flamingo Hotel and Casino and delivering amazing performances, to say the least. But what we have found shockingly impressive is the long hours she has put during the rehearsals for it.

According to Abdul herself, the rehearsals demanded a lot of physical exertion on her part, as she not only had to wake up around 6 AM in the morning but also workout early in the day with her trainer for a good one and a half hours.

A Tough Rehearsal

After she was done working out, Abdul would leave for her rehearsals scheduled at 15 minutes before 9 AM. Her team would begin by first warming up, and then the dance routines were rehearsed till 7 PM in the evening. That’s a good nine hours of extreme physical exertion, especially if you consider that she got only one day in the week to rest.

Abdul has spoken many times about her love for physical training

Naturally, Abdul found it necessary to take good care of her body so that it is able to bear the excessive pressure being inflicted upon it on a daily basis. First of all, if you exercise too much, your body easily becomes very stiff, requiring you to do some stretching. That is exactly what Abdul does every day, just to relax her body of all the tension it has accumulated from the strenuous physical activity.

Taking Care of Her Body

At her age, one kind of workout is not enough to keep her in shape, and so Abdul makes sure she indulges in some Pilates with her trainer, and also workouts which are targeted specifically to her back. She also puts an extensive amount of effort in strengthening her core, which is essential for one to become a good dancer.

One thing is for sure, Paula Abdul has not aged much over the past couple of decades, at least as far as her physique is concerned

Although cardio is not a top priority for her considering dancing itself is a cardio-focused exercise, Abdul still likes to squeeze some cardio exercises into her workout regimen which, according to her, is a good way of training her body to accept cardio workouts as a part of its natural process.

But, of course, she does need to relax as well and to do that Abdul simply slides into a tub filled with ice-cold water. Of course, an icy-cold bath is not anyone’s cup of tea, but Abdul proclaims that it helps her deal with any inflammation in her body.

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