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Selena Gomez Drops Some MAJOR News on Social Media, and Fans Are Going Wild

Selena Gomez last dropped an album in 2015, but that’s not to mean that her fans haven’t been treated to any more of her music. The songstress has blessed us with hit single after hit single that no one can dare complain.

However, it’s always a big deal when your favorite artiste insinuates that an album is coming, right? And for Selena, it seems that it’s about time she dropped something bigger than her slew of singles. Who isn’t eager to hear more of her music?

Fans can’t wait to see Selena smiling like this again

Studio Diva

Via Instagram, Selena generated buzz of an upcoming album by posting a snapshot of herself at the studio. In the caption, she refers to herself as a studio diva, and no wonder everyone is speculating that more music is coming!

Since Revival (the 2015 album), we’ve listened to Back to You and Bad Liar. We’ve also seen Gomez featured in songs such as Wolves, and she has also appeared alongside Ozuna and Cardi B in Taki Taki. And weren’t you surprised when she made an appearance at this year’s Coachella to perform this exact song? She’s quite the performer by the way!

Who can forget Selena’s steamy appearance in Taki Taki music video?

Selena must really be working on something, as this isn’t the first time she has provided an Instagram teaser.

Earlier in the year via an IG live session, the songstress revealed that something was indeed in the works, and that she wouldn’t rush it. Instead, she would take all the time in the world to make sure everything was perfect.

Selena also admitted to being nervous about the release, while also revealing that it would happen soon. As she said, patience is the key to getting things done right.

Taking her time would give her the space to make crucial decisions, ones that would ensure that her album wouldn’t disappoint us. Who can argue with that, really? She’d rather take forever and make sure the end product proves to be worth the wait!

Selena’s Mental Health

Music career aside, who among us doesn’t know of the mental health issues Selena Gomez has had to, and is still dealing with?

She has had to take several breaks off social media (Instagram particularly) since it sparks feelings of inadequacy and leads her to depression.

Despite all the success you have, there’s ever someone else doing much better than you. It affects Selena negatively to see others succeeding where she’s seemingly failing, and the online breaks save her from the anguish.

Selena at Cannes Festival

Speaking at the Cannes festival, Selena said that she feels social media in all its glory isn’t the best thing for her generation. In fact, she says it has been downright terrible.

Acknowledging its positives, she feels that its negatives weigh more. In her opinion, it is impossible to make any social media platform safe. In consequence, the youth are becoming increasingly exposed, which makes them vulnerable to online bullies and all that other negative stuff.

Despite having a massive following on Instagram (>150 million followers), Selena fully understands the pressures that come with being on any platform. If she can take a break from all that to focus on self-care, we all can too.

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