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From Tattoos to Pet Direwolves: Hidden Facts About Sophie Turner Every GoT Fan Needs to Know

When Game of Thrones first hit our screens almost a decade ago, most of us knew next to nothing about the actress who played Sansa Stark, the brunette beauty of Winterfell and daughter of Ned Stark.

Through the years, we have witnessed the evolution of Sophie Turner as an actress, just as we’ve witnessed the growth of her character. Sansa is now the Lady of Winterfell, and some GoT fans even argue that she almost matches Cersei on wit.

No one even knew Sophie Turner before her life-changing role on Game of Thrones

Team Sansa

The role has propelled Sophie to global stardom, and we can all assume that she landed a film project as big as X-Men thanks to her Game of Thrones exploits. Fingers crossed for Dark Phoenix!

Those fans who haven’t liked Sophie’s character from the first season of Game of Thrones are now hard-pressed to find reasons to hate on her. After all, Sansa is now the Lady of Winterfell and no one rules the north better than her. If you’re team Sansa, like most GoT fans, you probably want to know everything there is to know about her, so here goes.

Would you believe that this role was Sophie’s first major one? No wonder we knew nothing of her before it. Growing up on screen has had some effect on her mental health, but at least she has been recognized for her talent.

The actress also recently got engaged to Joe Jonas — yep, that’s one of the Jonas Brothers — and Sophie says that he’s been good to her, in more ways than she could ever put into words. The couple recently moved to NYC, and their wedding is rumored to be this summer, although the ceremony is expected to be more intimate than Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’.

The actress is engaged to Joe Jonas from the Jonas Brothers

For the love of pets

Remember Sansa’s direwolf, Lady? She was actually Sophie’s pet, though she unfortunately died. Sophie still has mad love for pets, and together with Jonas, she owns a dog who goes by the name, Porky Basquiat. And guess what? Porky is a bona fide celebrity, with an Instagram account, lots of followers, and all. Can your pet even?

Although we knew of Sophie thanks to GoT, the actress revealed that she started acting when she was three. Her mom used to take her for classes, and that’s where she honed her skills. From that very young age, she had already chosen a career path. Lucky her! Most of us had to wait until high school or college!

Sophie Turner certainly has a thing for Instagram. In addition to her personal account and that of her pet, she also has one where she reviews sausages. Although she hasn’t posted anything on it this year, she still has a massive following of 34,800. And you bet the number will only go up in the future.

It would be really something if GoT leads us to Sansa taking the Iron Throne!

Music and Tattoos

Did you know that the actress has also featured in some music videos? Well, just two – with the first one being Bastille’s Oblivion, and the other one being Sucker by the Jonas brothers. In this second one, she was accompanied by Danielle Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, the significant others to Kevin and Nick Jonas respectively.

Coming to the subject of ink, Turner has a triangular tattoo on her left arm. It signifies the bond she has with her brothers, inspired by Plato’s three-part soul theory: Sophie is appetite, James is reason, and Will is spirit. Talk about sibling love!

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