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Burger King’s Shocking Secret: You Will NEVER Eat Fast Food Again


Have you been considering giving up fast food? You may find it easier once you hear about the latest Burger King scandal that has created a buzz in the media for the past few weeks. People from Delaware may especially want to steer clear of fast food joins as one of the Burger King Chains was recently shut down due to ‘unhygienic conditions’. You won’t believe what the health inspectors found crawling inside the joint’s whopper buns!

On May 31, a footage of one of Burger King’s Delaware joints showing rodent infestation in the kitchen went viral on the internet

Rodent Infestation in Burger King Kitchen

A Burger King joint in Delaware was always packed with hungry customers coming in to get their daily fast food fix until one day when a video footage showing a sneak peak inside the kitchen’s working conditions revealed that packets of burger buns used to make the chain’s famous Whoppers were infested with rats.

The stomach-turning footage which was first reported by NBC 10 Philadelphia on May 31 started a country-wide outcry with consumers demanding Burger King to close its stores in Delaware. The video clip of two rodents skipping around in a pack of buns was also posted on social media where it gained over a million views. The footage also showed that the rest of the kitchen was in poor hygienic condition with rat droppings scattered everywhere.

After the footage became viral, the Burger King joint received a surprise visit from the health inspectors who were shocked to see the kitchen in such a squalid condition. One of the inspectors reportedly saw rat dropping in almost all edible items including hamburger meat, chicken sandwiches, inside the syrup section, and around the ice machine.

Fast Food Chain Shuts Down

Health inspectors found leaky ceilings, open drains and rodent droppings in the kitchen causing a shutdown of the Delaware restaurant

It was Shantel Johnson who captured the eye-opening footage and posted it on her Facebook page with a caption expressing her shock and dismay upon finding out the real backstage conditions in one of her favorite fast food chains. Shantel also shared the location of the burger joint in question, warning others to stay away from it to avoid getting sick.

The post was shared more than 22,000 times by awestruck Facebook users and the news eventually reached the Division of Public Health. The spokeswoman of the division said that health inspectors paid a surprise visit to the joint after the Office of Food Protection received numerous complaints from consumers worried about unhygienic conditions in Burger King’s kitchen.

After seeing the working conditions in the kitchen, the Division of Public health wrote a letter to the fast food joint’s owner, Rackon Restaurants LLC, ordering an immediate shutdown of the restaurants due to rodent infestation and unsanitary conditions which were creating a serious health hazard for consumers.

A detailed report from the health inspection was released on Friday revealing that the plastic wrap covering the food in the kitchen had also been gnawed on by rodents. The health inspector asked kitchen employees to discard most of the food that was affected by the rodent infestation, including the sandwich rolls which were being served to customers at the time.

Burger King’s Statement

There were other problems with the fast food joint including leaky ceilings which were dripping with dirty water that often fell into the food as well as an open drain near the storage area which was letting flies into the kitchen.

The restaurant was shut down immediately but it reopened on Monday after a satisfactory reinspection by the health department. A spokesperson from the department said that all hygiene issues have now been addressed and the kitchen is no longer a public health hazard. The owner repaired the leaky ceiling and closed the drain that was letting in flies.

 A weekly pest control service will also ensure that no rodent infestation ever occurs in the kitchen again.


Burger King also addressed the issue in a statement saying that most of its franchises are owned and run independently but the company is going everything it can to investigate the problem and make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

This isn’t the first time Burger King has been embroiled in a controversy regarding its unhygienic conditions in the kitchen. In 2014, it was found that several of its franchises in Germany were intentionally serving expired perishable goods by changing labels once they became out of date.

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