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Here’s Why You Should Be Spending Time in a Sauna, According to Research!

If you want to know about the many health benefits offered by a sauna, then you don’t need to look further than Finland.

There is a reason why the Finnish are huge fans of spending time in a steamed room, sweating away their worries as they sit with loved ones and have casual conversations. Unfortunately, the sauna trend has yet to catch up in the US. Even though it is available at my gyms across the country, people seldom utilize it mostly because they are not fully aware of its benefits.

Public saunas are readily available at gyms for anyone looking to sweat it out

Apparently, there is also ample research which proves that spending some time in the sauna can have a monumental impact on your physical and mental health. This is probably why the people of Finland consider it a necessity when building their homes, with many of them making sure that their house has a designated area for a sauna where they can sweat on a daily basis. Here are some of the most important benefits.

Just Like A Workout

If you are like the majority of people on the planet, then you also probably don’t like working out. That’s fine because if you simply spend 25 minutes at a sauna, then, according to research, you would be making as much effort as a moderately intensive workout. This happens because when you are in a sauna, your body’s blood pressure as well as heart rate increases, just like it does during a moderate workout that involves only a stationary bike.

Some saunas offer private rooms as an added feature for those who are not comfortable sharing their steam room with others

Improve Mental Health

Sometimes, it is good to take a small break from the routine that you have been following, and going to a sauna is the perfect way to do this. Apparently, research has shown that bathing in a sauna has the ability to improve the balance of your cardiac autonomic nervous system, which results in an improved vagal tone while reducing the sympathetic tone.

Spending time in a sauna also achieves better variability with the heart rate. All of this leads to a relaxed body and mind. There have also been studies that have found a connection between frequent sauna trips and a reduced risk of having mental disorders.

Controlling Blood Pressure

A study that was conducted back in 2017 had found that men who frequented saunas at least 4 times in a week tended to lower their risk of developing high blood pressure by almost 50%, a figure which they compared with those who paid a visit to the sauna only one time in a week.

According to experts, this probably happens because of several reasons, including the increase in body temperature which ultimately opens up blood vessels that allow the blood to flow more freely.

Some people love a sauna so much, they have it set up inside their home

Also, as we sweat, our body gets rid of body fluids, which are also a major factor that determines our blood pressure levels. On top of that, just the sheer feeling of relaxation one receives from spending time in a sauna is enough to normalize blood pressure in even the most hypertensive cases.

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