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Jane Lynch Is Eating Fat and Keeping her Amazing Figure at the Same Time, All Thanks to This Amazing Diet Plan!

If you try to engage in a conversation with Jane Lynch about exercise, chances are that she would turn the other way. This is because the actress, who is now 58 years of age, has been very vocal about her avoidance of working out, and although she has said that she does go on the occasional stroll every once in a while when it comes to having a stable workout regimen, the actress continues to struggle.

Unlike most actresses in the entertainment world, Jane Lynch does not work out as excessively because she already has a very slim frame

However, we have never seen Lynch become overweight, even though she is not physically exerting herself like many of her heavier fellow actors, and while that may be partly because of the good genetics she was born with which have allowed her a thin bone structure, another major reason, at least according to her, is the fact that she follows the Atkins diet.

As per Lynch, she has been able to shed a massive 11 pounds only recently as well.

What Is This Diet?

While it may seem like the Atkins diet is a lot like the keto diet, as both these diet plans encourage people to reduce their consumption of carbs, the former is much more relaxed compared to the latter. For example, the keto diet disallows carbs altogether, as even a small quantity can bring the body out of ketosis and disturb the entire weight-loss process, but in the case of the Atkins diet, some consumption of carbs is fine.

Lynch prefers walking instead of an intensive workout, and that too, occasionally

However, the Atkins diet does encourage that you minimize the number of carbs you consume every day. Instead, the diet places focus on two things, namely fats and proteins, and recommends that you eat foods which are enriched with these two components.

Doing so, at least in theory, makes your body feel fuller for a longer period of time, thereby reducing the total amount of calories you intake, which ultimately allows you to lose weight due to the calorie deficit that forms in the body.

Similar to Keto

As mentioned above, although the guiding principle is different for both the Atkins and the keto diet, their fat burning principle is the same. While keto does it more aggressively, in Atkins, the reduction of carbs also forces the body to start burning fat in order to generate the energy required by it to function properly.

According to Lynch, she had opted for the keto diet before making the switch to the Atkins diet, simply because she failed to sustain the former over a long period of time. But now she is happy with her Atkins meal plan, although she has had to place some additional limitations on herself due to her rising cholesterol level.

Most people enjoy foods high in fats and protein, but they are also unwilling to let go of carbs. The Atkins diet is suitable for them, as they can still have some carbs

Apparently, Lynch was consuming steaks all the time, and although this played well with her new diet plan which required her to eat fatty meats, she developed a cholesterol problem. Hence, she had to switch over to consuming another fatty meat, salmon. Another source of fat in Lynch’s diet plan is cheese and, according to her, she makes sure to have it every day.

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