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Jenna Jameson Gets Back in Shape With Keto Diet and is Now Sharing These Tips to Help You Too!

Apparently, there are many reasons to start a Keto diet, even though many people advise on the contrary and propose a balanced approach which does not completely eliminate carbohydrates. For Jenna Jameson, this diet has worked wonders for her especially when it comes to losing weight, even though she has just been following it for a little more than one year.

Jenna Jameson had gained a noticeable amount of weight, and she finally decided to do something about it

For Jameson, the decision to switch to a keto diet stemmed from her need to lose all those extra pounds she had gained after giving birth to Batel Lu, her daughter, back in April of 2017. And so far her decision has proved to be a very good one considering she has lost almost 80 pounds.

Even though Jameson is 45 years of age, at which point it becomes very difficult for women to lose so much weight, a keto diet has helped her do just that, and now she is a vocal advocate of it and even has some advice for all those thinking about choosing it for their own weight loss journeys.

What You Need To Do

The first step you need to take is to start fresh and take out all those foods from your pantry as well as the refrigerator which contain too many carbs and sugars. Then, you need to make a trip to the grocery store and, according to Jameson, you simply need to avoid going into the aisles because usually there is nothing keto-friendly available over there.

The products which you want are mostly available at the periphery of the store, including products like eggs, vegetables, steaks which have been grass-fed, and salmon caught in the wild. And yes, Jameson also recommends that you consume adequate butter in your diet as well.

Jameson now looks very slim, proving that the keto diet has worked on her

But a very important factor that would help you follow a keto diet is the support of all those who share your space with you, which is most likely to be your family.

If they are following a different diet compared to yours, there is a high probability that you too would be tempted to go astray and consume one or two products that are not keto-friendly, an action that can seriously jeopardize the impact of the diet. In Jameson’s case, she would make brown rice on the side for her toddler.

It’s All About The Attitude

A keto diet definitely requires you to make a lot of sacrifices. You won’t be able to eat many of the foods that you have loved your entire life. And that is why it’s extremely important that you consider the impact this diet would have on your lifestyle and accept the changes wholeheartedly.

According to Jameson, you should be very proud of making the decision of conforming to a keto lifestyle and take this as a lifetime decision rather than just a resolution you make for a couple of months.

As part of a keto diet, you are not supposed to consume any foods which are full of carbs or high in sugar content

Also, Jameson recommends following accounts on social media which promote keto diets, as that can help you develop the mindset required to stick with the diet in the longer run.

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