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Purition Protein Shakes Are Shaking Up the Nutrition Market and We Know Why

If you’re yet to hear about the Purition protein shakes, you must have been living under a rock.

Made in the United Kingdom, these shakes are marketed as real food replacements and thus far, they have delivered on their promise.

Diabetics, weight watchers, athletes, and individuals with no time to get into the kitchen swear by Purition, and a product doesn’t gain all that traction if it doesn’t produce the desired result, does it?

Given the ingredients used to make these shakes though, it would be difficult to argue that they are unhealthy.

Natural Ingredients

The processing company confines its ingredients list to natural seeds, plant or whey protein, nuts, and low-sugar fruits. They then grind them to powder form, using the resultant gluten-free product to make the protein shakes.-*

Nuts and seeds make up part of the processing company’s ingredients

These, in turn, come in a number of flavors such as hemp chocolate, blackcurrant, vanilla, and strawberry. As the icing on the cake, vegan options are also available. It sounds like a meal for everyone, don’t you think?

30 seconds are enough for you to make yourself a Purition meal, a fact that sits very well with the company’s consumers, including expectant mothers.

So popular are the protein shakes that in the just-concluded year, the company registered a turnover of £2 million. That’s over 2.6 million US dollars!

The company makes most of its sales online, although they’ve partnered with major retailing chains for in-store purchases. The most noteworthy of these are Holland & Barrett and Boots, and knowing how popular these stores are, they Purition couldn’t have made a better deal.

And just so you know, this protein shakes business was started by the married couple Louise and Edward Taylor after scouring the market for a similar product but with no success.

Meet Louise and Edward Taylor, the Purition co-founders

To that end, they decided to make the very thing they were after, becoming their company’s pioneer customers while at it.

Before they got the Purition idea, Edward was looking to shed some weight. However, meal replacements in the market at the time were not what he was after. Most products were too synthetic while others were ultra-processed, a route he did not want to take.

Family Affair

With the help of his wife and the rest of his family, Edward managed to come up with the perfect product, one that was all-natural.

They launched in 2013, and among the company’s earliest customers were personal trainers based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

Almost immediately, Purition shakes became popular products especially after being recognized by Whole Foods Market Inc. Don’t they market themselves as America’s healthiest grocery store? It only makes sense that the supermarket chain would recognize the next big thing.

Whole Foods had to recognize the next big thing

The synergy that Edward and Louise bring to their company has also worked to spread the brand’s reach seeing as he spearheads all matters manufacturing while she takes point on matters finance, and most importantly, sales.

According to the Daily Express, 70% of their customers are females aged 30 and above. Interestingly, the company has no subscription model. You can choose to make a single purchase and be on your way, but the shakes are so good that consumers are always coming back.

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