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Rita Ora Is Having Fun And Staying Fit With These Easy To Follow Workout And Diet Tips!

Usually, when celebrities work out or focus on their diet, it is because they want to look a certain way, preferably as skinny or as toned as possible. But this was not the reason why Rita Ora decided to enroll in a fitness regimen. For her, working out and eating healthy is all part of living a healthy life, one that is full of contentment and happiness.

Rita Ora does not fail to look absolutely amazing all the time

Ora is handling a lot of things in her life these days, which is very impressive considering the fact that she is only 28 years of age. She is making music and also hosting shows, in addition to working on a budding career in film, and also investing her time and energy as a designer, having made over 15 collections for the brand Adidas.

Keeping Fit

But Ora knows that, in order for her to achieve success in whatever she does, she needs to feel good, both physically and mentally.

When she began her fitness journey, she made sure that her health was being properly monitored, which included some necessary blood tests to identify whether there was any cause for concern in her physical health, and the doctor she was visiting also recommended the changes she needed to make in many aspects of her routine, such as sleeping patterns or dietary intake.

Since working out is a fun activity for her, Ora remains motivated to do it on a regular basis

Now, she makes sure to spend time at the gym regularly, regardless of her traveling commitments and, according to her, working out has made her feel very energetic. Ora has also highlighted that discipline continues to be a very important component which helps her achieve her fitness goals because she has experienced that life of no-discipline while she was on tour, whereby she was not getting much exercise and also eating whatever she wanted.

During that time she did not feel as good as she does now, and that is why she makes sure to stick by her exercise and diet plan no matter how hectic her schedule becomes.

The Science Of Working Out And Eating Right

For Ora, circuit training seems to be the right approach, whereby she focuses on squats, weight training, and also cardio. In total, she spends around a couple of hours at the gym to complete all of her exercises, as she recommends taking things slow and enjoying the process instead of rushing through workouts like a chore.

Also, although many fitness experts recommend pushing your limits to achieve results, Ora believes that, as long as you feel satisfied with your workout, there is no need to do anything more as that may take away the fun element from it.

Even with all of her commitments, Ora has managed to look good and do everything perfectly, seemingly without breaking a sweat

As far as her diet is concerned, Ora is not on some specialized diet plan. For her, the day begins with two eggs that are boiled, a side of asparagus, and muesli measuring half a cup mixed with almond milk. The lunchtime meal includes lean meats like chicken and/or fish with a side of vegetables, and dinner is fish weighing around seven ounces that comes with half a potato and again vegetables on the side.

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