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The Shockingly Easy Way Naomi Watts is Muscling Up At 50, and So Can You!

Most of us already have a general idea of the deteriorating state our body enters into as it goes beyond a certain age. Our body is like a machine, and although till the mid-20s it is very good at maintaining itself, after this age it simply starts giving into the impact of aging. Just ask Naomi Watts, as the actress has found it very difficult to maintain the muscle mass on her body now that she is above 50 years of age.

Naomi Watts still looks phenomenally young even though she has hit the big 50

It has never been a goal for Watts to look extremely muscular and that is why she has not been spending a lot of time at the gym over the years. But now going to the gym has become a necessity for her, simply because she wants to reverse the muscle loss her body has experienced in recent times.

According to her, this loss in muscle definition has happened entirely because of aging, and to recover from it, she is now lifting weights at the gym that are much heavier than what she has been used to in her past workout routines.

Pushing Her Limits

This increase in weights is just one way Watts plans on putting on enough muscle tone on her body to look her best. And it’s not like she hates doing this either. According to her, exercising has always delivered very positive results to both her physical and mental state, and that is why she has maintained exercise as a core part of her lifestyle.

However, in the recent past, she has not been getting up very early in the morning to workout, like she used to, simply because it can become very hectic for her. According to Watts, her core mission now is to stick to a regimen without overburdening herself, which means that although she may change the timings of her workout, she would still make sure that she is giving enough time to her physical fitness.

According to reports, Watts would be appearing on the prequel of the super-popular TV show Game of Thrones

Weight lifting is not the only form of exercise that Watts is currently performing as part of her fitness routine. According to her, she likes to keep things interesting and enjoyable, and so she has included some other forms of exercise into her routine as well such as yoga or Pilates.

To motivate herself, she also has a trainer onboard who provides the drive she needs to complete all of her sets for the day. This way, Watts has confessed, her workouts are improved substantially.

An Easy Diet

The internet is full of raving reviews by women who swear by the positive effects of drinking wheatgrass juice, but we will still wait for more research to verify this claim

When it comes to diet, Watts is not one of those who would restrict themselves from eating certain kinds of foods altogether. For her, a balanced approach works, which means that although she would prefer eating healthy, her meals would easily include a slice of homemade bread.

However, even when she was pregnant, Watts had reduced her consumption of high-carb and high-sugar foods, and also those which contained any dairy in them. At that time she was drinking wheatgrass juice quite a lot, but again she would still go for that handsome serving of French fries if she felt like having them.

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