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Simon Cowell Loses 20 Pounds and Makes It Look Easy By Following These Simple Yet Highly Effective Dietary Principles!

Simon Cowell is many things, and he has now added being a fitness enthusiast to that list. The America’s Got Talent judge has shed an amazing 20 pounds in the last couple of years, leaving everyone shocked with his new, chiseled appearance. Losing so much weight in your 50s is definitely a challenge, but Cowell seems to have done it very successfully.

Simon Cowell has become much leaner compared to a couple of years ago, especially with his face that has drastically slimmed down.

Apparently, the desire to make changes to his lifestyle stemmed within Cowell after he suffered a painful accident back in 2017 when he fell from the stairs in his own home. The accident occurred during the night, and Cowell suddenly became very aware of the fragile state of his body.

Although he managed to completely recover from the injuries he had sustained from the fall, Cowell decided to make some changes to his physical health in order to avoid the occurrence of such an incident again.

Making Changes

For Cowell, changing his diet was a decision which he has not reconsidered ever since the day he made it. Cowell is known for making solid judgments on all the TV shows he has appeared on in the capacity of a judge, including American Idol and Britain’s Got Talent, so when he made the decision to improve his fitness, it was a final one. According to him, it took him only 24 hours to reach this conclusion, and then it was decided.

Simon used to be much curvier due to a higher body fat percentage.

The first step Cowell took was to remove all the unhealthy foods which had become a part of his diet. This not only included foods which are considered to be junk such as burgers, but also food products that include meat and those which have dairy, wheat, or any sugar included in them, as Cowell had realized that these food groups were causing his body more harm than good.

According to him, he has been feeling much better and less tired ever since he has cut out all these substances from his diet.

Becoming Vegan

The next step for Cowell was to choose a diet that provided him the most optimal amount of nutrition, and he decided to opt for a vegan diet. Although he has yet to fully adopt the vegan diet, as he is still fond of having some fish every now and then, he plans on going fully vegan in a few months.

A vegan diet does not allow consumption of any food item that has been sourced from an animal.

Cowell was also concerned about any allergies he may have, as he wanted to avoid consuming any food product that might cause an allergic reaction to him. That is why he underwent extensive testing for any food allergy he may have and ended up discovering that indeed he was allergic to any product containing gluten.

Although he is avoiding dairy products, Cowell is still a fan of having yogurt, but one that is made from almond milk. In fact, he is substituting almond milk wherever he may need to use regular milk. He is also being very careful with the nature and amount of fruits that he consumes, as he is limiting the number of fruit sugars that he intakes on a daily basis.

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