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Want to Lose Weight? Check Powerful Tips From Eight Respondents

Losing weight has been a constant headache for many people and it can be more complicated when you have to deal with the bulk of advice, recommendations, weight loss products and nuggets – all from various angles, professions and people. However, information which has been experimented by people is more reliable than hypothetical tips. So, here is the compilation of different advice from different people who have tried them and got good results.

1. Don’t joke with water, always drink it

Water is number one factor when it comes to losing weight.

Whenever you feel like taking a pop, drink water instead. Whenever you crave for a cup of fruit juice, grab your water, not the liquids that will give you calories.

2. Take food away from your mind when it is not within your reach

This respondent said that taking a controlled measurement of her food portion is very good for her, but if she was supposed to consume 1/4 part of a snack, someone else must be on the ground to help her take away the remaining 3/4 part from her sight. She confessed that her weakest point is losing eating control once she sees abundant food in her presence.

She advised people to identify their body systems, personalities and the things that are compatible with their bodies. She has shed more than 110 pounds, and that made her identify the things that her body can accommodate. Every time she goes to a restaurant, she must ask the waiters to clear her plates the instant she finished eating, and she avoids baskets of bread and chips. Although she indulges herself once in a while, she does that with caution.

3. Set a timetable for your meals and plan ahead

Another respondent recommended preparing your food ahead and the results will be a substantial control on your intakes of calories. Apart from this, you will also save more money in your pockets and spend less time in cooking.

4. Cultivate the habit of being patient

For this respondent, you can’t regret having patience when it comes to weight loss. She talked about it with a colleague in her office who does a lot of weight loss diets with the mission to shed a large amount of weight within a short period. The truth of the matter is that shedding weight gradually and making long-term and sustainable transformations that you can cope with in the process is a healthy method of losing weight. Then you can easily devour more meals and consume those things you love most with no fear. She thinks the ideal method of weight loss is to adopt a system that can be easily managed. Rushing to lose weight is pointless. The process takes time and endurance.

5. Get apps that check calories intake

Always keep track of your calories.

This person endorsed “MyFitnessPal” for you to check your calories. It helps you to know the number of junks you devour and the measurement of calories per junk. She said that at the initial stages of her weight loss plan, her cereal usually contained more than 495 calories, when milk was added to it, in addition to other things she ate during breakfast. So she advised that everything must be in order and you will get good results.

6. Eat with small plates always

Smaller plates, fewer calories.

A woman said that she and her family began to use this method in their home and the results exposed the following:

1. The quantity of food she was packing into the large plates,

2. The amount of smaller portions of food she could consume without feeling hungry soon after.

3. She realized that she wasn’t piling up food inside her tummy and she felt really great for that.

7. Indulge in more outdoor exercises and strolls

Another contributor endorsed walking as an activity. People don’t know its value. It’s very easy to do, free of charge and it can be carried out in any location. Her method of keeping fit is to leave her house early enough and trek to the bus station that will take her to the office. The walk from her house to the bus station takes about 32 minutes. The same method she always applies whenever she’s going back home, taking another 35 minutes walk again. That is about 1 hour and 10 minutes daily walk, with no negative effect on her daily schedule. She added the healthy meals she eats as well, and within six weeks, she has shed excessive weight.

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