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The Weird Facial Exercise Meghan Markle Does for Chiseled Jawline, But Does It Work?

Meghan Markle’s radiant glow has never been in doubt. However, it captured more people’s attention when the Suits actress from Los Angeles got engaged to Prince Harry. Marrying into the royal family, unsurprisingly, comes with a wave of public interest on the individual in question and Meghan’s case was no different.

In this day and age, social media is the biggest source of all the frenzy surrounding celebrities. Consequently, fans on multiple platforms have been brainstorming on ideas on how to best replicate the fresh skin tone that comes to the Duchess of Sussex so effortlessly. What most of them seem to agree on is that facial exercise is the most definite answer.

The ever-stunning Meghan Markle has admitted to doing facial exercises to define the shape of her face

In on It

Meghan has herself admitted to doing facial exercises, saying that she follows routines from Nichola Joss, one of her favorite aestheticians. Most of these, she says, have her sculpt her face from the inside out. Who would be better poised to sell the facial workout idea to the world if not the chisel-faced Meghan Markle?

She is a firm believer that these exercises work, as silly as one may feel doing them. In her opinion, Meghan feels that her cheekbones and jawline get a little more sculpted whenever she does a routine. And to further prove that they work, she cites that Joss is ever on demand during awards seasons when actresses want to impress at these events.

Meghan Markle with husband, Prince Harry

What are they, really?

As one who is not well-read into the fuss would ask, what exactly are facial exercises? Facial routines are non-invasive and anti-aging treatment which claim to tone the muscles in your face and maintain a beautiful and somewhat younger appearance. What’s more, these exercises require little effort, and one can do them using their fingers only. Examples include “The Smile Smoother” and “The V” which reduce the appearance of sagging skin and cheek lines and making one’s eyes look wider respectively.

Facial exercises can stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in your skin in addition to honing and working out your facial muscles. These muscles (more than 40 in total) are consequently left more defined, with visible improvement in your complexion.

However, the mammoth of a question is, just how far to the benefits of facial exercises go? According to Nigma Talib, a leading Naturopathic doctor, facial routines (the right ones) do have some benefit, but they have to be complemented by skincare products of high quality. Also, they have to be done on a daily basis for them to be effective.

Facial exercises increase blood circulation in your face, making your skin supple and smooth

Debbit Thomas, a celebrity facialist, agrees with Dr. Talib, stating that the exercises work to help skincare creams and serums penetrate better, in addition to increasing blood circulation in the face. According to her, she wouldn’t recommend the exercises without the accompanying beauty products. As she puts it, she prefers that her clients trust high-quality skincare products, a regime that will complement their skin tone and clinically-proven in-clinic treatments.

All in all, experts are in agreement that these facial routines work to some extent. However, one has to be committed to them and do them on a daily for them to have any meaningful effect. Doing this while also using the right kind of facial products would be a win-win.


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