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The Common Cold Infects Millions of People Around The World Every Year, But Here’s How You Can Prevent It From Happening To You!

No matter how careful we are when it comes to staying away from germs, there is one illness that most of us struggle to avoid: the common cold. Although it is not a life-threatening condition, experiencing cold is certainly very annoying due to its overpowering symptoms. According to doctors, the cold impacts the throat as well as the nose, both of which form the upper respiratory tract.

Many people who have a cold feel better after drinking a warm beverage, but it merely temporarily soothes the symptoms

A major reason why getting a cold is such a common occurrence throughout the world is the fact that several viruses have the ability to cause it, with the most common one being the rhinovirus.

Most of us are well familiar with the symptoms of a cold, which include a nose that is runny, soreness in the throat, possible coughing, perhaps some congestion in the chest, and mild aches around the body including headaches. A cold can also cause a fever, but temperatures don’t usually rise to alarming levels.

Some Easy Precautions

Nobody likes that feeling of exhaustion which accompanies a cold, which persists for a couple of weeks at the very least. But since a cold takes its due time before completely exiting the body, there isn’t much that can be done once it has completely taken over your body. However, you can definitely take charge of the situation and prevent a cold from occurring or stopping its growth during the early stages of its onset.

Enclosed spaces offer an increased risk of catching a cold

The first step you can take is to increase the performance of your humidifier. Remember, a cold needs dried-out nasal canals to enter the sinuses as it becomes very difficult for our natural defense mechanisms, the mucous membranes, to stop the virus in such dry conditions.

Hence, if you feel like the air inside your home or office has become dry, usually due to a change in weather, it would be wise to get a humidifier and let it add some much-needed moisture back into the air.

However, a word of caution with humidifiers. Oftentimes, dirty humidifiers become the reason why the air gets polluted with allergens, which can also make you experience symptoms that can look and feel very much like the common cold.

Vitamin D Is Your New Best Friend

A few research studies have connected a lack of Vitamin D with an increased risk of getting a cold. According to them, Vitamin D is essential for our cells to respond quickly and effectively against potential infections and viruses. Since many people around the world lack Vitamin D in their system, it may be best to consume supplements every day, of course only after consulting your physician.

Supplementing vitamins can be a good way of boosting your immunity

Also, since viruses are contagious, you need to make sure that your hands are always clean. This includes washing your hands, disinfecting the gadgets you use, and keeping away from enclosed spaces with lots of people especially during those months when such viruses are prevalent. If you must engage in physical contact with people, such as a handshake, then make sure you don’t touch your face before washing them.

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