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Nurse Saves Man Suffering Hypovolemic Shock During A Flight

Flying in the air can be complicated in all ramifications, yet it is a necessary evil. Travelling through airplanes most times attracts health complications on board like nausea, physical and psychological fatigue, dizziness and other hazards.

However, a victim of flight sickness can be lucky to have the presence of a qualified health provider on the same airplane with him or her.


One of the health risks that affect people inside the plane is a hypovolemic shock. Hypovolemic shock is a deadly condition which is caused by the short supply of blood and water by over 20% into your body. When this happens, your heart will be hindered from supplying blood to every part of the body. Another name for this sickness is ‘hemorrhagic shock.’

Organ damage and breakdown can happen due to hypovolemic shock and to save the patient’s life, a quick medical help must be beckoned to prevent death. This condition is a common crisis in airplane passengers.

There was a dramatic scene sometimes in the early part of December last year. This had to do with an incidence that occurred on a Delta Airplane when one of the male passengers had a hypovolemic shock. He threw up on himself and lost consciousness. Fortunately, before help showed up, a mother and daughter with hearts of gold came to the rescue. They were on their way to Utah. Rose Anderson is a nurse at VA Medical health hospital, ER unit while her daughter, Morgan is a graduate as a trained nurse since 2016 and currently working at one mission clinic.

When the sick passenger collapsed in his seat, the Samaritans were up in a jiffy and went straight to the poor man, while the aircraft attendants tried to get a medical doctor to attend to him. The urgent situation was saved by the two heroines on board.

Rose and Morgan helped the flight crew to look after the pale passenger, who was also smeared in his vomit and they pleaded with other co-passengers who might also have the medical knowledge to give them helping hands because the patient’s condition looked critical. Their act of benevolence and readiness to bless humanity deeply touched the remaining people inside the aircraft.

The Andersons didn’t waste time as they went into operation immediately. They started by examining the cause of the man’s situation and realized that he lacked sufficient fluid in his system, which was as a result of hypovolemic shock and gradually, he was developing LBP (Low blood pressure). They requested for the medical items on the aircraft, and when they found some useful tools, they gave him IV dose.

The older Anderson, Rose, said that the man’s low blood pressure was getting really worse by each passing minute. She suspected that he was in a very dangerous situation which would have led to the cardiac seizure and even death if nobody had attended to him on time.

Fortunately, he was successfully resuscitated briefly after he was treated by his saving angels, the Andersons. The flight crew didn’t allow such occurrence to repeat itself, so they tightened their supervision on the passengers and ensured that the aircraft official medical personnel were on alert.

The Andersons became instant heroines who did not only rescue the man but also saved the plane from a compulsory change in its flight direction. Miraculously,  the plane reached its destination about an hour earlier than expected due to the efficiency of the pilot on board.

Sourav Mishra / Pexels

As a way of appreciating their extraordinary acts, the Andersons were rewarded by the Delta crew and the chief pilot with several gift cards which will entitle them to cheaper flight fares in the future. They also got two bottles of special expensive drinks.

The spokesperson for Delta Airlines, Michael Thomas, said that the aviation firm is immensely grateful to heroic work Rose did in the company of her daughter Morgan, as medical experts. He expressed his gratitude to them for their timely intervention in averting a looming disaster that would have befell the aircraft if the victim had not been taken care of.

That was not the first time a passenger would collapse on the flight. There had been several similar incidences in the past, but this particular victim can be said to be a fortunate person to have shared the same plane with the medical mum and child. Many similar cases did not end well for the patients in spite of the attempt made by the flight crew to rescue their lives.

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