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Does Your Brain Get Tired Very Easily? This Is How You Can Recharge It Instantly!

If you ever feel like your mind is absolutely exhausted, which usually happens after a tiring day at work or simply while continuously working on a task without taking a single break, then you need to indulge in a very different kind of activity.

This may go against your common sense, as you may want to rest to recover from all that tiredness, but, at least according to experts, mindless activities are much better at inspiring you in addition to polishing your skills of solving different problems.

The brain can easily become tired after performing an intensive task

The Experiment

The research that has reached this conclusion was conducted with a group of participants. The experiment started with the participants listing down all the unusual ways they could use a pre-specified item.

After they were done, the experimenters had the participants split up into four different groups, with one group instructed to perform a task that was rather demanding, the second one told to do a task that was, by nature, undemanding, the third one asked to simply rest for a good 12 minutes, and the last group was not asked to do anything and also not allowed to rest.

After this second round, the experimenters asked the groups to undergo the same activity they had done at the very beginning of the experiment, and they found some pretty shocking results. Apparently, the group that had been asked to undergo an undemanding activity after the first round proved to be the only group out of the four that managed to improve its score in the fourth round.

Instead of resting the brain, indulge in a mindless activity for a few minutes and then get back to work

Why Did The Improve?

According to Dr. Jonathan Schooler, who is a psychology professor at the prestigious University of California, the brain improves its functionality if it is allowed to wander every now and then. As per his explanation, when we indulge in an activity that is not very demanding of our mind, we allow our brain to deviate from that one thought it had been focusing on for quite some time and, as a result, we create space for creativity.

But then, shouldn’t the group that got to rest have the highest score, considering that resting is undoubtedly the most undemanding activity in the world? Well, according to Schooler, most likely the group that got to rest did not stop thinking about the activity even while resting and, hence, did not let the brain take any rest.

For the group that performed the undemanding activity, their brain became fluid after the activity was over and when they returned to perform another task, they proved to be the most creative among other groups.

What Should You Do?

Meditation seems to be the most effective way of resetting the brain and allowing it to perform efficiently

This means that, whenever you feel like your mind needs a break, instead of resting, do something completely mindless such as showering, taking care of the garden, running outdoors, listening to some of your most favorite tunes, or even plugging into that podcast that is presented by an inspirational person. But the best way to clear up the head is to meditate; however, this will work only if you are disciplined enough.

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