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Debra Messing Reveals Struggle With Health Issue And Fat- Freezing

Celebrities are always expected to look their very best simply because they are famous and people get inspiration from them. Then again, no one is perfect, despite being rich and famous, they are just mere humans who get old and they also gain and lose weight, so it is definitely not surprising when celebrities are revealed to have undergone certain medical procedures just to look their best. Not every celebrity admits it which is why everyone was surprised when Will & Grace star Debra Messing said that she actually had CoolSculpting’s fat-freezing procedure.


49-year-old television actress Debra Messing is best known for her role on NBC network’s Will & Grace, revealed that she has indeed had the procedure known as fat-freezing. When asked why she admitted something not every celebrity would admit, she just said that she is not embarrassed by it at all. One of her major reasons for doing it is to be able to stay fit despite her giving birth. She apparently had a that bump on her stomach that just wouldn’t go away because of hormones and all, she also admitted that she definitely is not the most athletic person and doesn’t really have time to work out and doesn’t even like working out in the first place, which is why she had to turn to fat-freezing, which is actually an FDA-approved procedure.


When asked why she was so confident about telling her story regarding her fat-freezing procedure, the Will &a Grace star just said that it is definitely not ideal for young ones to think that Hollywood celebrities are perfect. Young people often think that looking like their favorite celebrities is the only way that they could actually look good. No celebrity is born perfect, no celebrity also age in a perfect way. That’s what the industry want people to believe in, but there are actually celebrities like her who just wants to keep it real

The 49-year-old Hollywood actress also slams people who criticizes those who undergoes medical procedures. In an interview, Messing said that she absolutely does not care whether people will like it or not whatever she does to her body, the only thing that matters is that she is doing it to feel good about herself and to boost her own confidence. It is her own body and her own choice to go into a dermatologist and have her body fat frozen. Other celebrities may try and hide the fact that they indeed had something done with their bodies despite it being obvious.


CoolSculpting actually has this device that has been approved by the FDA and it is known to be fat-freezing. Some people may only be hearing it now but it is definitely not a new procedure, it was actually first known as the cyrolipolysis. According to Jason Roosetaeian who is a University of California Los Angeles professor and plastic surgeon, the procedure actually involves having rounded paddles wherein it would suck the skin as well as if it is vacuuming your body. The person undergoing the fat freezing procedure will have to sit on a reclined chair for like two hours. Roosetaein also mentioned how it can actually be uncomfortable but the suction and cooling part would make the person feel kind numb. This procedure may take a while but it can also be very convenient since there are actually some people who make use of their time and bring their laptops to watch a movie or get some work done, and then there are some who even takes a snooze.


However, Rooseeaein believes that this procedure is definitely not for everyone, in fact, this is only for this who are expecting as if they would feel like they had a liposuction. Not everyone gets an approval to get this procedure done since people has different cell tissues and different skin qualities. For instance, a person who actually had a thick and at the same time firm tissues, they wouldn’t be able to feel or look any different after fat freezing compared to those who has different kind of tissues. This serves as a mild fat reduction so if you are looking for something that would make your body look less bulging, but it wouldn’t exactly turn your size 12 into a size 4.

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