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Eat Like David Beckham: Secrets to the Athlete’s Physique Revealed by His Trainer

David Beckham, the dashing former footballer, a doting father to four gorgeous kids, and a loving husband to Spice Girls member Victoria, has one of the most toned and fit bodies. While this may be a result of his training, it should also be credited to what he eats.

Luckily, his trainer, Tegan Haining, who also has Natalie Imbruglia and Hugh Grant as clients, shared how you can achieve your best shape. The good news is that her seven-day suggestions are all metabolism-boosting.

Paolo Bona/Shutterstock — David Beckham trains hard with Tegan Haining

First Day: Smoothie

Nothing beats a nutrient-packed smoothie in the morning, especially for busy bees who don’t have time to cook. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so what you eat is crucial for your metabolism – the expert suggests blending frozen berries, stevia, coconut water, and protein powder/hemp seeds.

Workout: The trainer also recommends high knee sprints to get your blood running and pumping every morning. This will definitely wake your senses up and burn calories as long as you make every rep count so no cheating!

Second Day: Fried Chicken

Who said you won’t eat anything fried? Cut a chicken breast in strips and season with pepper, salt, and paprika, then use coconut oil to fry – once done, you can eat it on its own or you can serve with a salad.

Alexander Kovacs/Unsplash — Use your fried chicken as toppings for your salad

Workout: If you’re not into high-intensity movements, yoga will do wonders for you. Tegan suggests putting your body in a plank position before doing an upward facing dog.

Third Day: Snacks

If you get hungry in between meals, there are healthy options that would still boost your metabolism. Rye bread, hummus, and cashew nuts with sliced apples are all nutritious snacks, the trainer said.

Workout: As for your exercise, single leg hip extensions will target your glutes and hip flexors.

Fourth Day: Green Tea

Instead of drinking coffee, switch it with green tea. According to studies, it doesn’t just boost your metabolism but also increases your energy.

Massimo Rinaldi/Unsplash — Replace coffee with green tea

Workout: Also try sprint training, which will surely burn calories. You can do this on the treadmill or around the neighborhood.

Fifth Day: Green Juice

If you need an energy booster, green juice is the best for that. Gwyneth Paltrow’s recipe – 5 kale leaves, fresh ginger, mint, green apple, and lemon zest – is Tegan’s favorite.

Workout: Try front planks with knees, which can help tighten or sculpt your core.

Sixth Day: Burger

Mix chopped coriander and mint, chili flakes, egg, salt and pepper, and minced turkey for your patty and fry this in coconut oil. This lean meat is high in protein and low in fat, perfect for your metabolism.

Workout: For your daily exercise, air squats may do the trick if you’re feeling lethargic.

Seventh Day: Beauty Bites

Blend your pre-soaked dates in the food processor, then add ground cashew nuts and superfood powder. Once done, form small balls and roll these in desiccated coconut.

Workout: Stretching is considered one of the most missed steps in every routine. Although it’s underestimated, it’s an important step that will prevent injury.

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