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How to Keep Your Baby’s Skin Glowing This Winter?

Dermatologists suggest that newborn babies are sensitive and more prone to skin infections, compared to adults.

As you take proper care of your skin in winter, it is equally important to protect your baby’s skin from winter dryness. Rather, caring for your baby’s skin is inevitable since babies are fragile and their skin is vulnerable to winter.

Compared to the skin of adults, the skin of newborn babies is less hydrated, fragile, and less moisturized. Consequently, babies are likely to be affected by winter moisture loss. Winter dryness, unbecoming scars, and skin allergies are likely to take place in babies during the winter season.

That is why, it is crucial for parents to take precautionary measures to keep their babies’ skin glowing this winter.

During winter, keeping your baby warm is the fundamental step that you can take as a parent.

  1. Know the Immune Factor in Your Baby

It is pertinent for parents to know that their baby develops an immune system from birth. It is the immune system that alone helps the baby in resisting any potential disease as the baby ages.

During this immune development, it is crucial to keep the baby warm. The baby’s exposure to harsh climate may result in dry and dehydrated skin.  That is why, keep your baby as warm as possible throughout the winter season.

  1. Make Use of Milk Cream as a Natural Moisturizer

Since the skin of newborn babies is soft and sensitive, parents should be cautious with the usage of moisturizers. Your newborn baby needs ingredients like milk protein, Vitamin B, and Vitamin A. To get all these, try to keep the ingredients as natural as you can.

Store-Bought moisturizers contain acids like soap and alcohol and they cause skin irritation in babies. That is why, natural ingredients like milk and coconut oils are good alternatives to those. So, use natural ingredients like milk, coconut oil, and almond as natural moisturizers.

A gentle touch of parents can go a long way in protecting the skin of babies.

  1. The Gentler, the Better

Be it messaging, moisturizing, bathing, or oiling your baby, be as gentle as possible. As mentioned earlier, the skin of newborn babies is sensitive and fragile. A harsh climate and freezing cold winter make it more prone to skin infections.

That is why Dermatologists advise parents to treat the skin of their babies as gently as possible. This includes toweling, oiling, messaging, and cajoling. Every single touch of your baby should be soft and gentle. Consequently, this will help your baby in developing glowing skin throughout the winter.

  1. Use Alcohol-Free Diapers 

As you swaddle your baby in numberless layers in winter, diapers are the most used layer. You need to clean the diapers every now and then. However, parents need to make sure that they clean the diapers with ingredients that have less soap and are alcohol-free.

Wet diapers cause rashes, dry skin, and other skin infections. That is why cleaning and soaking the diapers is mandatory.

  1. Say No to Long Baths Throughout the Winter

Many parents wrongly assume that long and warm baths are healthy for their babies in winter. In fact, it is the reverse. As the temperature falls abnormally in winter, long baths may result in certain skin infections and winter ailments in your baby.

That is why, try to keep the baths normal, brief, and short. Short baths, followed by a gentle oil massage, help the baby in blood circulation. In turn, it becomes handy for the baby to develop shiny skin and a strong immune system.

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