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Kesha Shares Inspirational Tips on Surviving the Holidays While Struggling with Mental Issues

The holidays are just around the corner, so everyone is busy shopping for gifts, decorating their homes, thinking of what kind of dish they will bring to their Christmas reunion with the family. It is definitely one of the busiest month of the year because of this particular holiday. A lot of people are excited, but at the same time, a lot of people are also having anxiety. Not because they are worried about gifts or somewhat, but because of what their relatives would say about them.

It is definitely inevitable, we always have those relatives who just love to insult us in any way possible, whether it is about our appearance, our family, our jobs, basically everything. This is indeed the most wonderful time of the year, but with those people ruining it, you could be a total grinch. Which is why singer Kesha, in partnership with Sheryl Sandburg of Option B, wrote a motivational essay for Time magazine on how exactly people should use this holiday season as a time for a healthy mental state.


The Grammy-nominated singer said that it is a fact that the holidays season is the funniest time of the year since it is the most festive however, it turns out to be one of the most stressful and emotional ones as well. This is all because of the expectations and plans don’t always turn out the way they should be, especially to those people who are suffering from any kind of mental illness such as depression, addictions, anxiety and every other kind there is. Kesha believes that it is not just tough to go along with things but incredibly exhausting to spend time during this holidays pleasing friends and relatives who are just not on the good side of you. She also believes that despite everyone’s differences, it is no one’s responsibility to try and please every single person you know, it is already very difficult to make yourself happy, what more think of other people.

That kind of pressure on the emotional requirements is not healthy for anyone. After all, it may seem like a special day but it is just a day, so extremely high expectations is unnecessary and is just a recipe for beating yourself up. The Grammy-nominated singer also advises that it is definitely okay to feel overwhelmed but remember that stressing out over this holiday is like not actually paying attention to the holiday itself. You are supposed to relax and celebrate with friends and family and be happy, which is why she advises people to use meditation apps she personally uses such as Calm and End Anxiety for those who are feeling a little too overwhelmed this holiday season. Kesha also shared how she will be mourning this holiday season because of the loss of a close relative, but at the same time will stay grateful for those who are still with her.

According to SELF, it is very important to stay flexible, remember to take deep breaths and try not to over-schedule this holiday season, especially for those who are dealing with mental health issues just like Kesha. It is very important to prioritize yourself as well, everyone deserves a break.


The 30-year-old singer just released her new album called Rainbow and already managed to be at the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart. This is definitely a huge comeback for her after all the cases that she went through with her producers and record label holders regarding abuse. Kesha also told Rolling Stone magazine about her debilitating eating disorder that actually almost ruined her entire career for good. She also revealed that she indeed went to rehab for this same issue back in 2014 where she learned how to eat properly again and even go calls from family and friends on how great she was doing on her recovery. Kesha somehow realized that her life is indeed in her own hands and that it is up to her if she chooses to let her body be in pain slowly or get her act together and start trying to be healthy again.

In her essay on Time, she talked about how her mental illness and eating disorder definitely stricken her but also made her stronger. Millions of people in the world are suffering from different mental illnesses, which is why it is very powerful when celebrity come out and share their inspirational journey with their fans.

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