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Traveling With Kids Has Never Been Easier with Melissa Joan Hart’s Useful Tips

Growing up in the 90s, we looked up to Melissa Joan Hart for fashion advice, how to wade through challenges at school, and also how best to handle our siblings.

Clarissa Darling, the character Hart played in the 1991-1994 Clarissa Explains It All was relatable and impactful, and fans are pleased to know that the actress is quite similar to her Darling in real life as well.

Still with Her

It’s been almost two decades since Hart stole our hearts through her hit television show, and our eyes are still on her, this time for a whole other different reason. The actress is a mother of three now! How time flies! And if you were a Clarissa fan back in the day, you must be a parent too by now, right?

Killing it in motherhood just as she did in her younger years

The 43-year-old actress has mastered the art of raising three handsome boys when most of us can’t even fathom the idea of raising one. Luckily for her, she has cracked the parenting code, with the help of her supportive husband, and is enjoying motherhood.

Among the things she loves doing with her family is traveling, and necessity has had her come up with ways to make every adventure enjoyable with her young ones.

She is so much into it that she’s recently partnered with KBB to announce a list of latest cars that suit families best for road trips.

To raise boys you have to really put in the work!

Speaking to Forbes’ Lippe-McGraw, Hart admitted to her family being big on traveling, but ones who have no love for flying. Instead, they prefer a good old road trip, such as the seven-hour drive from LA to Lake Tahoe which they take frequently.

They also drive all the way to San Diego to visit her sister, and the actress also revealed that they’ve driven from Connecticut to Vermont whereas plans to head out to Yosemite on Mother’s Day are also currently in the works.

In Check

You may be wondering; how does she keep her kids in check all this while considering how hyperactive boys are! According to Hart, she makes sure that they are always well stocked on games, toys and snacks whenever they head out on a road trip.

Her choice of vehicle comes in very handy with these types of adventures – an SUV that ensures there’s space for everything and everyone. When no one is infringing on the other’s personal space, the ride will be comfortable and more fun, even with three kids!

The actress is obviously a fan of family trips

The 43-year-old also insists on having an entertainment system installed in the car. For her, she prefers one where the kids can wear their individual headsets and watch their favorite cartoons or movies.

This way, she can listen to her favorite jams while they’re in the backseat watching something entirely different.

Hart disagrees with those who insist on their kids being off any screen while traveling, saying that having them use these devices is a life saver.

Moving away from her personal life and into her career, Hart also spoke to Lippe-McGraw about her upcoming Netflix flick titled No Good Nick. Of the show, the actress described it as unique, and one fit for all family consumption.

In her words, the show is like a toned down version of Scandal. And we all know what Kerry Washington did with that, don’t we? According to Hart, just a few episodes in, and the show’s plot twists will leave you mind-blown. We wish her all the best!

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