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British News Anchor Suffers From Hypoglycemia While Hosting A Live Radio Show

Journalists have one of the most difficult jobs in the entire world, they have to make sure to deliver the most accurate news for the people. Some news anchors risk their lives in order to deliver news live from places where there is a storm or even if in the middle of a war zone. Which is why being a news anchor who is working inside the news station seems to be the safest job in the field, however, natural causes such as getting physically ill is something not everyone could avoid. One of the leading causes of death in the United States for so many years now is diabetes, it may seem like it is not deadly at all considering its comparison for illnesses such as cancer or heart-related diseases. In fact, a news anchor from the BBC or the British Broadcasting Company almost died because of diabetes, continue reading to find out more.


It was on the 1st of December and seemed just like an ordinary day at work for BBC news anchor Alex Ritson. He is just like any other radio announcer but is actually diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. That day, Ritson, unfortunately, suffered from a severe hypoglycemic attack while he was actually on the air. Ritson said in a statement that he was just trying to read his script when all of a sudden his eyes seemed to have a mind of their own and started operating by themselves that all of the things that he is reading seemed to be swirling. He also described that he simply could not control how he feels especially with the unusual sensation that he was experiencing at that time.

It was a really good thing that his coworkers at the station were actually aware of the fact that he has type 1 diabetes, which is why they were able to immediately got him to consume not just one but a dozen packets of sugar. After just a couple of minutes, Ritson was able to get back to his senses and made it back into his seat properly where he even shared the scary incident with his listeners. The BBC anchor said that if they actually know someone who has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and they see them having a hard time while sweating a lot and is looking extremely tired than usual, it is best to check their sugar levels because it is incredibly crucial that they do. This is because according to the BBC World Anchor, he felt as if most of his senses, as well as his basic function, just switched off including his ability to talk and think.


This incident is definitely something that doesn’t happen on an everyday basis. Ritson had a hard time reading his script while he was on air at 5 in the morning on Friday. He was talking about the Pope’s visit to Bangladesh when he started to feel a little uneasy so he had to apologize numerous times while still struggling. Few moments after what happened, he felt the need to explain to his listeners that he has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and had a low sugar attack or what they call hypoglycemia while he was doing their opening sequence. His listeners definitely admired him after what happened and he even made it into the trending list on twitter because of it. Ritson’s listeners definitely applauded him because he had the courage to actually get back on track and apologized as well as explain what happened.



Ritson is not the only British personality that is suffering from type 1 diabetes, in fact, the British Prime Minister Theresa May has been diagnosed with it in 2013 and has been living in danger all these years because she has to inject insulin for at least twice a day, because if she doesn’t, then she will be in grave danger. May suffered the same symptoms as Ritson, as a politician and a public figure, it is very important for her to be able to think and speak in front of a crowd most of the time but because of her diabetes, she tends to get tired easily.


According to experts, this type of diabetes actually has the ability to reduce life expectancy by at least 20 years if not treated or diagnosed properly. What most people don’t understand is that people who have diabetes don’t just get high blood sugar levels, they could also have low blood sugar which is known as hypoglycemia and its severity may vary. Unfortunately, the causes of low blood sugar may also be related to the treatment of diabetes as a side effect. These are known to be episodes that may occur especially for those who are injecting insulin.

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